中越沖地震 柏崎刈羽原発から放射性物質漏えい

Japanese Inspectors Find New Leak at Nuclear Plant

・inspector 調査官、検査官
・nuclear plant 原子力発電所



Japanese nuclear inspectors say they have discovered a small, new radiation leak at a nuclear power plant damaged by a strong earthquake earlier this week.


・radiation 放射物
・leak 漏えい
・earthquake 地震

Officials said Thursday inspectors have discovered that radioactive materials leaked from an exhaust pipe at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant after it was hit by an earthquake Monday.


・official (政府)高官、関係者、当局者
・radioactive 放射性を持った、放射性による
・material 物資
・exhaust 廃棄
・hit ... …を襲う、…に打撃を与える

Officials from the Tokyo Electric Power Company, which runs the plant, had earlier admitted that radioactive water leaked into the Sea of Japan and that barrels containing radioactive material had fallen open during the quake.


・run ... …を運営する

当局は、放射線量は環境や人体には無害な程度と発表しています。しかしながら、この事故により、日本の原発の安全性が問われています(Officials insist none of the contamination is harmful to the environment or public health, but the incidents have raised concern about the safety of Japan's nuclear power plants)。

新潟県のマグニチュード(M)6.8の地震によって、少なくとも10人が死亡、1000人以上が負傷しています(The 6.8 magnitude earthquake killed at least 10 people and injured more than a thousand in Kashiwazaki prefecture)。

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Powerful Quake Strikes Northwestern Japan; 6 Dead, 700 Injured

・quake 地震
・strike ... …を襲う



Japanese officials say at least six people have died after a strong earthquake hit northwestern Japan.


・official (政府)高官、関係者、当局者
・hit ... …を襲う、…に打撃を与える

About 700 people are suffering from cuts, broken bones and other injuries from the 6.8 magnitude quake that struck Monday just off the coast, in the Sea of Japan, southwest of Niigata City.


・Sea of Japan 日本海

安倍首相は参議院選挙の遊説を中断、被災地へ向かいました(Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has interrupted a campaign stop to visit the disaster zones)。

新潟県知事が自衛隊に災害派遣を要請しました(Niigata prefecture's governor has requested help from Japan's Self Defense Forces)。

報道によると、2万戸が停電となりました(Reports say 20,000 homes are without electricity)。
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防衛白書 地域安全保障体制を強化

Japan Defense Report Stresses Peacekeeping, Regional Security

・stress ... …を力説する、強調する
・peacekeeping 平和維持の
・security 安全、治安



The Japanese government has released its annual defense report, underscoring a continuing transformation of its Self-Defense Forces into a modern, outward-looking military.


・underscore ... …を強調する、力説する
・Self-Defense Forces 自衛隊(SDF)
・outward-looking 外向的な

As Yuriko Nagano reports from Tokyo, the white paper also stresses that Japan should play a bigger role in regional security.


防衛白書には、できる限り早急にミサイル防衛システムを開発することの重要性が述べられています。このミサイル防衛構想は去年の北朝鮮の核、長距離ミサイルの開発がきっかけとなったもの(The report says Japan also intends to erect a missile defense shield as quickly as possible, following North Korea's test last year of a nuclear device and its development of long-range missiles)。
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「しょうがない」発言 久間防衛相が辞任

Japanese Defense Minister Resigns

・Defense Minister 防衛大臣、防衛相
・resign 辞任する



Japan's defense minister has resigned over controversial comments about the U.S. atomic bombings of Japan in the Second World War.


・controversial 論争(上)の、議論の余地のある
・atomic 原子力による

The resignation comes as public support for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe weakens ahead of parliamentary elections.


・parliamentary 議会の

Fumio Kyuma came under heavy criticism from politicians, atomic bomb survivors and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe over his comments Saturday that the 1945 U.S. bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki "could not be helped".


Kyuma's critics say his remarks suggested that the bombings were justified.


National Security Advisor Yuriko Koike has been named as the new defense minister, the first woman to lead Japan's defense system.


去年の9月の安倍政権の発足以来、閣僚辞任は2人目。1人目は、事務所経費の不透明な処理をめぐって辞任した佐田玄一郎前行政改革担当相。また、政治資金に関する不正疑惑を追及されていた松岡利勝農相が5月、自殺しています(Kyuma is the second minister to resign since Mr. Abe took office last September; the minister for administrative reform resigned over allegations of funding irregularities. A third, the farm minister, committed suicide in May over a funding scandal)。
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Former Japanese PM Dies at 87

・former 前の、先の
・PM (=Prime Minister) 首相



Former Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa, who led the country from 1991 to 1993, has died at the age of 87.


Mr. Miyazawa died Thursday at his home in Tokyo from natural causes. The former leader was a veteran member of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party.


・die from natural causes 老衰のため死ぬ、自然死である

宮沢政権は1993年に内閣不信任案が提出されたことにより、解散して総選挙を行うも破れ、政権を明け渡しました(Mr. Miyazawa's tenure as prime minister was cut short when he lost a vote of confidence in 1993. His party then fared badly in snap elections)。

その5年後、宮沢氏は小渕内閣時に大蔵大臣(当時)に就任しました。そして2003年に引退しました(Five years later, he returned to political life when then-Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi named him finance minister. He retired in 2003)。
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Japan's Agriculture Minister Commits Suicide

・Agriculture Minister 農相、(日本では)農林水産大臣 ※「Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries」で「農林水産省」
・commit suicide 自殺する



Japan's agriculture minister has committed suicide, just hours before he was to appear before a parliamentary committee for questioning.


・parliamentary 議会の
・committee 委員会

Authorities say Toshikatsu Matsuoka died Monday in a Tokyo hospital after hanging himself.


・authority (通例 the authorities で)当局

Matsuoka had been sharply criticized for allegedly claiming false expenses. He was also accused of accepting donations from companies involved in a bid-rigging scandal. He denied doing anything wrong.


・allegedly (真偽のほどはわからないが)申し立てによると、伝えられるところによると
・claim ... …を主張する
・false 正しくない、誤った、虚偽の
・expense (通例 expenses で)経費
・donation 寄付、献金
・bid-rigging 談合

地元メディアの報道によると、安倍晋三首相宛ての遺書には、迷惑をかけたことへの謝罪が書かれていました(Local media report he left a note addressed to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe saying "I am sorry for causing this trouble")。
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Australia, Japan Sign Historic Defense Accord

・accord 合意、一致



Australian Prime Minister John Howard has dismissed suggestions that a new security pact with Japan will harm his country's ties with China.


・dismiss ... …を退ける
・pact 条約、協定
・harm ... …を害する、傷つける

Mr. Howard is on an official four-day visit to Japan, to sign a historic defense treaty with his Japanese counterpart, Shinzo Abe.


・counterpart 相当するもの、人

安倍首相は、この共同宣言はアジア太平洋地域における安全のために有意義と語り、中国に対するけん制との見方に対して否定しました(Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says a security pact with Australia will help to stabilize the entire Asia-Pacific region. He denies that the accord is a response to the military build-up by China)。

安全保障で日本が協力関係を結ぶのは米国以外では初めて(The defense deal is the first Japan has signed with a country other than the U.S.)。
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Japanese PM Says New Constitution Needed For Postwar Regime

・PM (=Prime Minister) 首相
・constitution 憲法
・postwar 戦後の
・regime 政治制度、体制



Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has taken his quest for a more robust role in international affairs to the floor of his country's legislature.


・quest 探求、追求
・robust 強い、活気のある、確固たる
・role 役、任務、職務
・affair ※(「s」をつけて)情勢
・floor 議員
・legislature 議会

Abe says Japan's constitution should provide leaders with more strategic muscle in order to handle the challenges of the next 50 to 100 years.


・strategic 戦略的な
・muscle 力、必要不可欠なもの

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told lawmakers in Tokyo Friday that he hopes to create a "beautiful" Japan - and also a stronger one.


・lawmaker 議員

Mr. Abe said in order to renovate the country there is a need to deepen discussion on amendment of the constitution.


・renovate ... …を革新する
・discussion 議論、討論
・amendment 修正、改正

安倍首相は26日、地域の安全保障、国際的な平和維持といった大きな役割を実現するために「戦後レジーム(体制)を大胆に見直す」必要があると述べました(Mr. Abe said Friday it is time to "boldly revise the postwar regime" to allow Japan a broader role in regional security and international peacekeeping)。
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Japanese Defense Minister Criticizes US Decision to Invade Iraq

・Defense Minister 防衛大臣、防衛相 ※2007年1月9日に防衛庁は防衛省へ移行(防衛庁長官→防衛相)
・invade ... …に侵入する
・Iraq イラク ※「イラクの」は「Iraqi」



Japan's Defense Minister Fumio Kyuma has criticized U.S. President George Bush's decision to invade Iraq, and warned that Tokyo may not extend its air support mission to the country.


・extend ... …を延長する
・mission 任務、使命

Speaking with reporters at the Japan Press Club Wednesday, Kyuma said Mr. Bush went to war on the presumption that there might be nuclear weapons. Kyuma said that decision was wrong.


・presumption 推定、仮定

塩崎恭久官房長官は久間防衛相の発言に対してすぐに反応し、久間氏の発言は政治家個人としての発言と強調しました(The Japanese government spokesman Yasuhisa Shiozaki moved quickly to play down Kyuma's remarks, stressing that the defense minister was speaking as a politician)。
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Chinese, Japanese, S. Korean Leaders Take United Stand on North Korea

・unite ... …を団結させる



The leaders of China, Japan and South Korea have held their first summit in two years - a period strained by historical differences and tensions over territorial disputes.


・hold ... …を行う
・summit 最高首脳会議、トップ交渉
・strain ... …(関係など)を緊張させる
・historical 歴史の
・difference 意見の相違、不和
・tension 緊張 ※「tensions」で緊張関係
・territorial dispute 領土問題

The issue of North Korea's nuclear-weapons programs was also high on the agenda.

・issue 課題、問題、関心事、(問題の)焦点
・agenda 議題、政策

VOA's Heda Bayron reports from the Philippine city of Cebu, where the summit has been held on the sidelines of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations gathering.


・Philippine フィリピンの ※「フィリピン」は「Philippines」。つづり注意
・hold ... …を行う
・sideline 側線
・Association of Southeast Asian Nations 東南アジア諸国連合(=ASEAN)。域内における経済成長、社会・文化的発展の促進、地域における政治・経済的安定の確保を目的とする協力組織。本部所在地はインドネシアのジャカルタ。加盟国は、インドネシア、マレーシア、フィリピン、シンガポール、タイ、ブルネイ、ベトナム、ラオス、ミャンマー、カンボジア

At the end of their summit, the leaders of Japan, South Korea, and China reaffirmed their government's commitment to diplomatic efforts aimed at persuading Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear-weapons program.


・reaffirm ... …再び主張する
・commitment 約束、責任、義務、献身、参加
・diplomatic 外交の
・effort 努力、取り組み
・aim ... at 〜 …を〜に向ける
・persuade ... to 〜 …を説得して〜させる
・Pyongyang 平壌、ピョンヤン。北朝鮮の首都 ※ここでは「北朝鮮政府」を指す
・abandon ... …をやめる、断念する

中国の温家宝(ウェンチアパオ)首相、安倍晋三首相、そして韓国の盧武鉉(ノムヒョン)大統領は北朝鮮政府が10月に核ミサイル実験を行ったことを受けて、朝鮮半島の情勢への懸念を表明しました((Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun expressed "concern" about the situation on the Korean peninsula following Pyongyang's nuclear test in October)。

首脳らは朝鮮半島の非核化に向け、「具体的で効果的な」対策の必要性を強調しました(They called for "concrete and effective" steps toward the denuclearization of the peninsula)。

温家宝首相は、「3カ国はこの地域の和平と安定を維持するための大きな責任を背負っている」と語りました(Mr. Wen said the three nations shoulder great responsibility in maintaining peace and stability in the region)。

3カ国首脳らは、ここ数年の緊張関係をもたらしている歴史認識や領土についてのデリケートな問題については言及しませんでした(The three leaders Sunday appear to have skirted the sensitive topics of historical differences and territorial disputes that have strained ties in recent years)。

安倍首相の先任者、小泉純一郎前首相が行った靖国神社の参拝を、軍国主義下の日本に侵略を受けた中国と韓国側は非難していました。靖国神社は有罪判決を受けた戦犯者が合祀されています(Visits by Mr. Abe's predecessor, Junichiro Koizumi, to a war shrine honoring Japanese war criminals have angered China and South Korea - countries that came under harsh Japanese colonial rule)。

日本と韓国は小さな島の竹島(韓国名では独島=トクト)の領有権問題についても争っています(At the same time, Japan and South Korea are fighting over small islands called Dokdo by Seoul and Takeshima by Tokyo)。

また中国と日本は、豊富な資源が眠っている東シナ海のガス田開発問題で争っています(China and Japan are also in a dispute about an oil-rich area in the East China Sea)。

この問題については首脳会談で、この地域の開発は衝突を避けるために共同で行うことで合意しました(During the summit the two sides agreed exploration of the area must be done jointly to avoid conflict)。

温家宝首相が4月に訪日することが決定しました(Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao accepted Japan's invitation to visit Tokyo in April)。
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US Submarine, Japanese Ship Collide in Arabian Sea

・submarine 潜水艦
・collide ぶつかる、衝突する
・Arabian Sea アラビア海



A U.S. nuclear-powered submarine has collided with a Japanese oil tanker in the Arabian Sea. No one was injured in the crash and no oil leaks were reported.


・nuclear-powered 原子力を利用した
・crash 衝突
・leak 漏れること

The collision between the USS Newport News and the Japanese vessel Mogamigawa occurred Monday evening south of the Strait of Hormuz, which lies between Iran and Oman.


・collision 衝突
・vessel (大型の)船
・strait 海峡
・Oman オマーン ※「オマーンの」は「Omani」

川崎汽船のコメントによると、タンカー「最上川」は損傷の度合いを検査するため、アラブ首長国連邦の港に停泊させる予定とのこと(A spokesman for the Japanese shipping company said the tanker will check the extent of the damage at a port in the United Arab Emirates)。

「最上川」はペルシャ湾からシンガポールに向けて航行していました。同船には日本人8人とフィリピン人16人の計24人が乗っていました(The Japanese vessel was traveling from the Persian Gulf to Singapore, with eight Japanese and 16 Filipino sailors on board)。

「ニューポート・ニューズ」側の乗組員は127人、事故の原因については調査中とのこと(The Newport News has a crew of 127. The cause of the collision is being investigated)。

日本船と米原潜の事故としては、2001年2月に米ハワイ・オアフ島沖で発生した、高校生の実習生が乗船していた漁業実習船「えひめ丸」との衝突事故があります。この事故で9人が死亡しました。(In February 2001, a U.S. submarine accidentally sank a Japanese fishing and high school training vessel off the coast of Hawaii. Nine people were killed)。

衝突した米原潜「グリーンビル」の艦長の謝罪が遅れたため、遺族から非難の声があがりました(The delay by the submarine captain in apologizing for the incident triggered protests by the victims' families)。
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Japan Celebrates Coming of Age Day

・celebrate ... …を祝う
・Coming of Age Day 成人の日



Monday is a national holiday in Japan. It's "Coming of Age Day," a day of recognition for those who turn 20 years old this year.


・national holiday 国民の休日、祝日
・recognition 認識

Twenty is the age of adulthood in Japan, when a person is old enough to vote, drink or smoke.


・adulthood 大人、成人であること

Financial markets and many offices are closed for the holiday. Municipal governments host special coming of age ceremonies for the 20-year-olds in their juristictions.



・financial 財政上の
・municipal 地方自治体の
・host ... …を主催する
・ceremony 式典
・jurisdiction 管轄区域

この日、新成人は晴れ着姿を身にまといます。男性たちはスーツ姿で、女性たちはレンタルや購入したりした特製の着物姿で式典に臨みます(Young men usually wear suits to the ceremony. Young women usually wear special kimonos bought or rented for the event)。
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2007年1月に防衛庁から防衛省へ 「庁」から昇格

Japanese Lawmakers Endorse Upgrade for Defense Agency

・lawmaker 議員
・endorse ... …を是認する、支持する
・upgrade グレードアップ
・Defense Agency 防衛庁



Japan's Defense Agency is about to be upgraded to a full-fledged ministry.


・upgrade ... …の等級を上げる
・full-fledged 一人前の

Japan's lower house of Parliament voted Thursday to rename the Defense Agency the Defense Ministry in January.


・lower house of parliament 下院 ※「衆議院(House of Representatives)」を指す
・parliament 議会、国会
・Defense Ministry 防衛省
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北朝鮮核実験 日本独自の追加制裁

New Japanese Sanctions Against North Korea Approved

・sanction (sanctionsで)制裁措置



Japan's Cabinet has approved a package of economic sanctions against North Korea. The move is not expected to push North Korea to reverse course on its nuclear program.


・Cabinet (or cabinet) 内閣
・reverse ... …を反対にする、無効にする

There were 22 North Korean cargo freighters in Japanese ports Friday morning, when Japan imposed new sanctions on Pyongyang, banning North Korean shipping for six months.


・cargo 船荷
・freighter 貨物船
・impose ... …を課する、負わす
・Pyongyang 平壌、ピョンヤン。北朝鮮の首都
・ban ... …を禁止する

The ships were given until Saturday to leave, but by Friday evening, all were gone, some without loading or unloading their cargo.


・load ... …を積み込む
・unload ... …から荷を降ろす

この半年の入港禁止には、北朝鮮からの輸入の全面禁止も含まれており、14日から発動されます。この禁止措置は北朝鮮が9日に核実験実施を発表したのを受けたもの(The six-month ban, which also covers all imports of North Korean goods, goes into effect Saturday, as punishment for Pyongyang's announced nuclear test on Monday)。

国連安全保障理事会は14日に北朝鮮制裁決議を行う予定となっています(The U.N. Security Council is aiming for a new resolution on Friday calling for sanctions on North Korea)。
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South Korea, Japan Condemn North Korean Nuclear Test

・condemn ... …を非難する



The leaders of South Korea and Japan are joining a chorus of condemnation around the world following North Korea's apparent entry into the nuclear weapons club.


・chorus いっせいに発した声
・apparent 見たところ、明らかに

Pyongyang says it has conducted its first nuclear test, and international leaders are warning there will be consequences.


・Pyongyang 平壌、ピョンヤン。北朝鮮の首都
・conduct ... …(研究・調査など)を行う
・consequence 結果

South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun says his country's response to an apparent nuclear test by communist North Korea will be "stern but fair."


・communist 共産主義の
・stern 断固とした

9日早朝、世界各国の地震観測計が、北朝鮮から地下核実験の爆発によるものと思われる震動を感知しました(Early Monday, seismographs around the world detected a tremor in North Korea that may have been caused by an underground nuclear blast)。

その数時間後、平壌から核実験が成功裏に終わったことを告げる報道が流されました(Within hours, a North Korean broadcaster brought a triumphant announcement from Pyongyang)。

北朝鮮政府は、米国からの攻撃を防ぐために核兵器が必要であるとの見解を示しています(Pyongyang has said it needs nuclear weapons to deter an attack by the United States)。

安倍首相との首脳会談の後、韓国の盧武鉉大統領は、核実験は自国の政策に“深刻な影響をもたらす”と述べました(After meeting with visiting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, President Roh said the apparent nuclear test will "seriously affect" South Korean policy)。
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Japan's New Prime Minister Arrives in China in Bid to Improve Ties

・Prime Minister(=PM) 首相



Japan's new prime minister, Shinzo Abe, has arrived in China on a visit aimed at improving ties between the two Asian giants.


North Korean threats of a nuclear test are expected to top the agenda in Mr. Abe's meetings with Chinese leaders.


・agenda 議題、政策

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe went straight into meetings with Chinese President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao at Beijing's Great Hall of the People following his arrival here Sunday.


・President 大統領 ※ここでは「国家主席」
・Premier 首相

The summit is the first between the two countries in five years that have been marked by heightened tensions over Japan's wartime history, territorial disputes, and a growing strategic rivalry.


・summit 最高首脳会議、トップ交渉
・heighten ... …を高める
・tension 緊張 ※「tensions」で緊張関係
・wartime 戦時、戦時中
・territorial dispute 領土問題
・strategic 戦略的な
・rivalry 競争、対抗(意識)

安倍首相は、中国側が軍国主義の象徴とみなす戦死者を祀る靖国神社への参拝を控えるか否かについては明言を避けました(Mr. Abe has made no promises to refrain from visiting a memorial for Japan's war dead that China views as a symbol of Tokyo's militaristic past)。

中国側は、靖国神社参拝を断行した小泉純一郎前首相とは話し合いの場を設けることを拒否していました(China refused to hold talks with Mr. Abe's predecessor because of his visits to the Yasukuni shrine)。

安倍首相は9日には同じく関係改善に向けて韓国へ訪問し、首脳会談を開く予定となっています(On Monday, Mr. Abe heads to Seoul where he will hold similar fence-mending talks with South Korean leaders)。
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Japan's New Leader Unveils Policies

・unveil ... …を公表する



Japan's new prime minister has unveiled his new administration's policy.


While encouraging patriotism at home and pushing to revise the country's pacifist constitution, Shinzo Abe also expresses the hope for better ties with neighboring nations that are wary of a resurgent Japanese nationalism.


・patriotism 愛国(心)
・revise ... …を改正する、修正する
・pacifist 平和主義(者)の
・constitution 憲法
・wary 警戒している、慎重な
・resurgent 復活する
・nationalism 国民主義

首相となって3日目の安倍氏は29日、衆院本会議で所信表明演説を行いました(Three days into his term as prime minister, Shinzo Abe gave his inaugural policy speech in Japan's lower house of parliament on Friday)。

この演説で安倍氏は、近隣諸国、特に中国と韓国との関係強化を築いていきたいとの見解を示しました(In the address Mr. Abe called for better relations with Japan's neighbors, especially China and South Korea)。

安倍氏は首相として靖国神社を参拝するかについては明言しませんでした(Mr. Abe has refused to say whether he will visit the shrine as prime minister)。
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Japan's Parliament, as Expected, Selects Shinzo Abe as Prime Minister

・parliament 議会、国会
・Prime Minister 首相(=PM)



Shinzo Abe has become Japan's youngest prime minister since the Second World War. The 52-year-old nationalist was selected by the Japanese parliament as expected, succeeding Junichiro Koizumi. The new prime minister wasted no time in selecting his Cabinet.


・nationalist 国家主義者
・Cabinet (or cabinet) 内閣

With the Liberal Democratic Party firmly in control of Japan's parliament, there was no doubt Tuesday who would be selected as prime minister.


・Liberal Democratic Party 自由民主党、自民党(=LDP)

Within hours of his election, Mr. Abe unveiled his Cabinet lineup, which includes two women and one non-politician.


・unveil ... …を公表する

Among the Koizumi administration officials retained in office is outspoken conservative Taro Aso, who kept his post as foreign minister.


・outspoken 率直な、遠慮のない
・conservative 保守的な

52歳の安倍氏は戦後生まれ初の、また戦後最年少の首相となりました(Mr. Abe, at 52, becomes the youngest prime minister in Japan in the post-World War II era. He is also the first leader born after the war)。

安倍首相は29日に政権の目的を発表する所信表明演説を行う予定となっています(He is scheduled to lay out his administration's goals in a policy speech to parliament on Friday)。
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Abe Elected Leader of Japan's Governing Party

・governing 支配する、統治する



In Japan, it is Shinzo Abe by a landslide. The government's chief cabinet secretary, as expected, has swept the election for leadership of the Liberal Democratic Party, putting him in position to take over as prime minister next week.


・landslide 地滑り、大勝利
・chief cabinet secretary 内閣官房長官
・sweep ... …に圧勝する
・Liberal Democratic Party 自由民主党、自民党(=LDP)
・take over 引き継ぐ

In an intra-party contest that pitted three members of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's cabinet against each other, the early favorite, Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe, easily defeated Foreign Minister Taro Aso and Finance Minister Sadakazu Tanigaki to become party president Wednesday.


・intra-party (or intraparty) 党内の
・pit ... against 〜 …を〜に対抗させる
・Foreign Minister 外務大臣
・Finance Minister 財務大臣

Since the L.D.P. has a majority in the lower house of Parliament, Abe is now considered a shoo-in to be selected prime minister by the house on September 26.


・lower house of parliament 下院 ※「衆議院(House of Representatives)」を指す
・shoo-in 勝利が確実視されている候補者。当確者

岸信介元首相を祖父に、佐藤栄作元首相を大叔父にもつ安倍氏は、有効投票総数702票のうち、3分の2を獲得しました(Abe whose grandfather and great uncle were prime ministers, captured two-thirds of the 702 votes in the election at the party's Tokyo headquarters)。

安倍氏は総裁としての最初の会見で、小泉政権の経済改革を継承し、人口の減少など諸問題に立ち向かっていくと公約しました(Abe, in his first news conference as party chief, pledged to carry on the economic reforms of the Koizumi administration, and confront issues arising from the nation's population decline)。

安倍氏が何度も口にしている「美しい国」をつくる決意を再度訴えました(He repeated his oft-stated campaign theme of making Japan "a beautiful country")。

21日に52歳になる安倍氏は、戦後生まれ初の首相となります(Abe, who will be 52 on Thursday, is poised to become the first Japanese prime minister born after the Second World War)。
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Japan Launches Third Spy Satellite to Watch Over North Korea

・launch ... …(ミサイルなど)を発射する
・satellite 衛星、(人工)衛星


情報収集衛星を搭載した「H2A」ロケット10号機が11日13時35分、鹿児島県の宇宙航空研究開発機構(JAXA=Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)種子島宇宙センターから打ち上げられ、衛星を予定の軌道にのせることに成功しました。

Japan has launched its third spy satellite into orbit. Like the first two, this one is intended primarily to monitor activities in North Korea.


・orbit 軌道
・primarily 主として
・monitor ... …を監視する

The Japanese satellite went into orbit aboard a rocket launched from the Tanegashima Space Center in southern Japan. The launch had been scheduled for Sunday, but was delayed because of weather conditions.


Government officials say the optical satellite will give Japan the ability to monitor any point on the planet once a day. Japanese satellites have lower resolution than the U.S. versions, but reportedly can still see items that are quite small.


・official 関係者、当局者
・optical 光学(上)の
・planet 惑星
・resolution 分解、解像
・reportedly 伝えられるところによれば
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