Sochi, Russia Awarded 2014 Winter Olympics

・Russia ロシア ※「ロシアの」は「Russian」



The International Olympic Committee has selected the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi to host the 2014 Winter games. In Miami, VOA's Brian Wagner reports that Russia edged out Austria and South Korea to win its first Olympic Winter games.


・International Olympic Committee 国際オリンピック委員会(IOC)
・Black Sea 黒海
・host ... …を主催する
・edge ... …に辛勝する、わずかの差で勝つ

The crucial task for delegates at the annual meeting of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was to select the host city for the 2014 Winter Olympics.


・crucial きわめて重要な
・task 仕事、職務
・delegate 代理者、代表者
・annual 年次の、年1度の、例年の

Nearly 100 delegates cast ballots to chose among the three finalists: the Russian city of Sochi, Pyeongchang in South Korea, and the Austrian town of Salzburg.



・cast ... …(票)を投じる
・ballot 投票

After several rounds of balloting at the meeting in Guatemala City,Guatemala, I.O.C. president Jacques Rogge read the name of the winning city.


・Guatemala グアテマラ ※「グアテマラの」は「Guatemalan」

韓国の盧武鉉(ノ・ムヒョン)大統領は、北朝鮮の国境近くの平昌で冬季五輪を開催することは和平、そして、朝鮮半島の融和を促進することにつながるだろうと発言していました(South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun said holding the games in Pyeongchang, near the border with North Korea, would promote peace and reconciliation on the Korean peninsula)。

オーストリアの代表団は、2回にわたって五輪を開催したこのアルプス国家には五輪に必要な環境はすでに整っているとアピールしていました(Austrian delegates noted that the Alpine nation has hosted two Winter Olympics before, and stressed that many of the facilities needed for the games are already in place)。

オーストリアは4日の1回目の投票で敗退しました。IOC委員はロシアと韓国の都市に絞って決選投票を行いました(Austria's bid was rejected in early voting Wednesday, and delegates continued to cast ballots on the remaining two cities until reaching a majority)。

次回の2010年冬季五輪はカナダのバンクーバーで開催されます(The next Winter Olympics will be held in Vancouver, Canada, in 2010)。

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「しょうがない」発言 久間防衛相が辞任

Japanese Defense Minister Resigns

・Defense Minister 防衛大臣、防衛相
・resign 辞任する



Japan's defense minister has resigned over controversial comments about the U.S. atomic bombings of Japan in the Second World War.


・controversial 論争(上)の、議論の余地のある
・atomic 原子力による

The resignation comes as public support for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe weakens ahead of parliamentary elections.


・parliamentary 議会の

Fumio Kyuma came under heavy criticism from politicians, atomic bomb survivors and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe over his comments Saturday that the 1945 U.S. bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki "could not be helped".


Kyuma's critics say his remarks suggested that the bombings were justified.


National Security Advisor Yuriko Koike has been named as the new defense minister, the first woman to lead Japan's defense system.


去年の9月の安倍政権の発足以来、閣僚辞任は2人目。1人目は、事務所経費の不透明な処理をめぐって辞任した佐田玄一郎前行政改革担当相。また、政治資金に関する不正疑惑を追及されていた松岡利勝農相が5月、自殺しています(Kyuma is the second minister to resign since Mr. Abe took office last September; the minister for administrative reform resigned over allegations of funding irregularities. A third, the farm minister, committed suicide in May over a funding scandal)。
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Hong Kong Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Return to China

・host ... …を主催する
・memorial 記念祭、記念式典



Chinese President Hu Jintao is leading celebrations in Hong Kong to mark the 10th anniversary of its reunification with China.


・mark ... …を記念する
・reunification 再統合

The Chinese leader says democracy is growing in the territory but did not specify when the city would have universal suffrage.


・democracy 民主主義、民主政治(制)
・suffrage 選挙権、参政権

香港では、この10周年記念をパレードや見世物、花火で祝われました(Hong Kong is celebrating with colorful parades, variety shows, and fireworks)。

しかしながら、盛大な政府主催の式典が行われている一方で、数千人の香港住民による民主化を求めたデモ行進が行われるとみられています。この4年間、民主派団体は、自分たちの指導者を直接選挙によって選ぶ権利を求めています(But alongside the grand government-organized celebrations, tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents are expected to march for democracy Sunday. As in the last four years, the protesters demand the right to directly elect their leaders)。

1997年に中国へ返還されるまで、香港は英国が156年の間、統治していました(Until the handover to China in 1997, Britain ruled Hong Kong for 156 years)。
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Princes Harry and William Host Diana Memorial Concert in London

・host ... …を主催する
・memorial 記念祭、記念式典



Elton John, Rod Stewart, and the English National Ballet were just some of the dozens of performers who paid tribute to Britain's late Princess Diana in London Sunday on what would have been her 46th birthday.


・tribute 賛辞
・late ... 故…

Her sons, Princes WIlliam and Harry, hosted the memorial concert amid high security at Wembley Stadium.


They said the concert celebrated what their mother loved in life - music, dance, charity, and her friends and family.


William said he does not want Diana's charitable activities for victims of AIDS and landmines to be forgotten.


・charitable 慈善のための
・landmine (or mine) 地雷

1997年8月、ダイアナ元妃と恋人のドディ・アルファイド氏は、パリでの自動車事故で共に亡くなりました(Princess Diana and her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, were killed in an automobile crash in Paris in August,1997)。
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英国で連続テロ未遂事件 テロ警戒レベル最高に

British Terror Alert Raised to Critical After Three Attempted Attacks

・terror テロ(行為)
・alert 警戒態勢
※英情報局保安部(MI5: Military Intelligence section 5)では、警戒レベルを5段階で表しています。

LOW: an attack is unlikely
MODERATE: an attack is possible, but not likely
SUBSTANTIAL: an attack is a strong possibility
SEVERE: an attack is highly likely
CRITICAL: an attack is expected imminently

・attempted 未遂の



British authorities have raised the terror alert to critical after three attempted terrorist attacks in two days - one in Scotland on Saturday and two in London on Friday.


・authority (通例 the authorities で)当局

The alert was raised Saturday after two men crashed a four-wheel drive vehicle into the terminal building at Glasgow airport in Scotland.


The vehicle caught fire on impact. Two men in the car were subdued and arrested, one of them was taken to a local hospital with severe burns.


・subdue ... …を服従させる
・burn やけど

29日未明、ロンドン中心部のヘイマーケット通りのナイトクラブ周辺で、ガス弾、ガソリン、クギが積まれたメルセデス車が発見されています。またその後押収した、地下のガレージに置かれていた違法駐車車両からも同様の爆発物が発見されています(Early Friday morning a Mercedes car laden with gas canisters, gasoline and nails was found abandoned near a nightclub in London's popular Haymarket district. Later another car, illegally parked in an underground garage was towed to an impound lot where police discovered similar explosive materials)。

テロ対策班は、これらテロ未遂事件はアルカイダに関連、もしくは、影響を受けたイスラム過激派の犯行による可能性を示しました(Terrorism experts say indications are the attempted bombings are the work of Islamic extremists either linked to or inspired by al Qaida)。

英国のゴードン・ブラウン首相は閣僚とテロ対策の協議を行いました(British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been meeting with members of his cabinet and security services)。

7月7日に英国は、2005年のロンドン同時爆破テロから2周年を迎えます。この同時爆破テロでは、死亡したイスラム教徒4人がロンドンの地下鉄、バスを爆破し、52人が死亡しています(This coming week Britain marks the second anniversary of the July 7 bombings, in which four Muslim suicide bombers set off explosions on London's transport system, killing 52 bus and subway passengers)。
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