Eagerly Awaited Apple iPhone Goes on Sale

・eagerly 熱望して
・await ... …を待望する



Customers across the United States waited in line for hours, or even days, to be the first buyers of computer maker Apple's coveted new iPhone.


・wait in line 1列に並んで待つ
・covet ... …を切望する

The cost for phone service is at least $59 a month.


ニューヨークからカリフォルニアまで、この待ち望まれた電話を買おうと、6時開店の店舗に人々が列をなして並びました(From New York City to California, eager buyers lined up early before retail stores selling the much-anticipated device opened their doors at 6 p.m.)。

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ミイラは古代女王と特定 エジプト

Egyptologists Identify Mummy of Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut

・egyptologist エジプト学者
・mummy ミイラ
・Egyptian エジプトの ※Egypt エジプト



Egyptian authorities say they have identified the mummy belonging to ancient Egypt's most famous female pharaoh, Queen Hatshepsut.


・authority (通例 the authorities で)当局
・pharaoh ファラオ、古代エジプト王の称号

Her remains were long believed to have been lost.


・remain 遺物、遺骸

The mummy of Queen Hatshepsut was not found in a newly discovered tomb.


・tomb 墓

It was actually found more than 100 years ago - an overweight woman lying on the floor in somebody else's tomb, with one arm bent over her chest in the position reserved for royalty.


・bend 曲げる

1世紀もの間そのミイラは、ルクソール西岸の「王家の谷」のKV60と呼ばれる墓でほぼその存在を忘れ去られていました(For more than a century, she remained largely forgotten in Tomb KV60 in the Valley of the Kings on Luxor's West Bank)。
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Former Japanese PM Dies at 87

・former 前の、先の
・PM (=Prime Minister) 首相



Former Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa, who led the country from 1991 to 1993, has died at the age of 87.


Mr. Miyazawa died Thursday at his home in Tokyo from natural causes. The former leader was a veteran member of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party.


・die from natural causes 老衰のため死ぬ、自然死である

宮沢政権は1993年に内閣不信任案が提出されたことにより、解散して総選挙を行うも破れ、政権を明け渡しました(Mr. Miyazawa's tenure as prime minister was cut short when he lost a vote of confidence in 1993. His party then fared badly in snap elections)。

その5年後、宮沢氏は小渕内閣時に大蔵大臣(当時)に就任しました。そして2003年に引退しました(Five years later, he returned to political life when then-Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi named him finance minister. He retired in 2003)。
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Britain's New PM Stresses Service to People As He Takes Office

・PM (=Prime Minister) 首相
・stress ... …を力説する、強調する
・service 尽力、奉仕、公務
・take office 政権につく



Britain's new prime minister Gordon Brown has pledged new policies as well as service to the British people after being asked by Queen Elizabeth to form a new government.


・pledge ... …を誓う
・form ... …を組織する

Speaking outside the prime minister's Downing Street residence, Mr. Brown said his government will have new priorities and will go beyond party interests to serve the aspirations of the whole country.


・Downing Street ダウニング街、ロンドンのウェストミンスター地区にある官庁街。イギリスの首相官邸がダウニング街10番地にあることから、首相官邸を指すことも ※Downing Street office 首相官邸のこと
・priority 最優先
・interest 利益
・aspiration 願望

エリザベス女王に辞任を伝える前にブレア氏は、議会下院で最後の党首討論を行いました(Before submitting his resignation to the Queen, outgoing Prime Minister Tony Blair held his final question and answer session with the House of Commons)。
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Floods, Mudslides Kill Nearly 100 in Bangladesh

・flood 洪水
・mudslide 土砂崩れ
・Bangladesh バングラデシュ ※「バングラデシュの」は「Bangladeshi」



In Bangladesh, the death toll from flooding and mudslides unleashed by monsoon rains reached nearly 100 on Monday.


・unleash ... …を解き放つ、爆発させる

Bangladeshi officials say worst hit was the southeastern port city of Chittagong, where 84 people died after many hillside homes were swept away or collapsed under tons of mud.


Another 15 people were reported killed in other parts of the country by thunderstorms and lightning.


Many people are missing, and the death toll is expected to rise as rescue workers search through rubble.


・rubble 破片、がれき
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全仏オープン男子テニス ナダルがフェデラーを破る

Nadal Defeats Federer in French Open Final

・defeat ... …を打ち破る



Spanish star Rafael Nadal has defeated world number-one Roger Federer of Switzerland for the second straight year in the final of the French Open tennis tournament in Paris.


・Switzerland スイス ※つづり注意。「スイスの」は「Swiss」

The 21-year-old Nadal dominated the top-seeded Federer, 6-3, 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 on Sunday.


He becomes the first man to win three straight French Open titles since Sweden's Bjorn Borg did it between 1978 and 1980.


・Sweden スウェーデン ※発音注意 「スウェーデンの」は「Swedish」

Nadal has never lost a match at the French Open and improved his record at Roland Garros to 21-0.

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全仏オープン女子テニス エナンが3連覇

Justine Henin Wins French Open for Third Staight Year

・eagerly 熱望して
・await ... …を待望する



World No. 1 women's tennis player Justine Henin of Belgium has beaten Ana Ivanovic to win the French Open tennis title for the third straight year.


・Belgium ベルギー ※「ベルギーの」は「Belgian」

Henin took just 65 minutes to beat the 19-year-old Serb, 6-1, 6-2. It was the Belgian's fourth French Open crown (2003, 2005, 2006 and 2007).


・Serb セルビア人

Henin joins Monica Seles as the only women in the Open era to win the French Open title three years in a row.


・in a row 連続して

イワノビッチにとってはメジャー大会最初の決勝戦進出で、経験不足が露呈し、31のミスを重ねました(The match was the first major tournament final for Ivanovic, and her inexperience showed, with the Serbian hitting 31 unforced errors)。
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G8サミット 温室効果ガス対策、アフリカ支援で目標合意

G8 Summit Ends

・summit 最高首脳会議、トップ交渉



Leaders of the G8 group of industrial nations have ended three days of meetings in the German Baltic Sea resort of Heiligendamm with a compromise on global warming and renewed pledges for Africa.


・Baltic Sea バルト海
・compromise 妥協
・pledge 堅い約束、誓約

For the past three days, this elegant seaside resort has hosted the leaders of some of the world's wealthiest nations.


Summit host, German Chancellor Angela Merkel made climate change and helping Africa major themes of this meeting and in a final news conference she said progress was made.


Mrs. Merkel said it is important that all G8 members acknowledged the dangers of unchecked global warming and have committed themselves to devising a long-term strategy to remedy the problem within the United Nations.


・commit oneself to ... …に献身する
・remedy ... …を矯正する、修復する

メルケル首相は、温室効果ガス排出量の義務付けを含む問題に対して米国への支持を得ることができなかったけれども、G8のサミット宣言を前向きに捉えています(Mrs. Merkel characterized the G8 climate statement as a successful compromise even though she failed to win U.S. support for including mandatory limits on greenhouse gas emissions)。
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Architect Richard Rogers Wins Pritzker Prize

・architect 建築家



The Italian-born, British architect Richard Rogers has been awarded this year's Pritzker Prize, the world's most prestigious prize in architecture.


・award ... …(賞など)を与える
・prestigious 一流の、そうそうたる
・architecture 建築

Most famous perhaps is his first major work -- the Centre Pompidou in Paris -- that he designed with the Italian architect Renzo Piano.


Its radical design with many of the building's functions set on the outside was extremely controversial in the early 1970s.


・radical 極端な、過激な

Another major urban project that followed the Pompidou can be seen to continue some similar themes. The Lloyds building in London, completed in 1986, is often cited as cementing Rogers's architectural reputation.


・urban project 都市計画
・reputation 評判、名声

現在のロジャースやそのパートナーによるプロジェクトは、 世界貿易センタービル跡地に建てられるタワー3が含まれる。このタワーは空にまで届くようなイメージをもたれるように設計されています(Current major projects by Rogers and partners include Tower Three of the World Trade Center. Rogers says it is designed to create the effect of reaching into the sky)。
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G8 Leaders to Meet Amid US-Russian Tension

・amid ... …の真っ最中に
・tension 緊張 ※「tensions」で緊張関係



Leaders from the world's eight major industrialized nations meet Wednesday in the German Baltic Sea resort of Heiligendamm for their annual summit, amid tensions between the United States and Russia.


・industrialized nation 先進工業国
・Baltic Sea バルト海
・annual 年次の、年1度の、例年の
・summit 最高首脳会議、トップ交渉

German Chancellor and summit host Angela Merkel has put global warming on the top of the agenda.


・Chancellor (ドイツの)首相
・host 主人、主催、開催地
・agenda 議題、政策

She has said she will not compromise in getting the other G8 members to cut greenhouse gasses that contribute to global warming.


・compromise 妥協する

G8首脳らはアフリカ援助についても話し合われます。G8の各国は2年前に資金援助の公約を行いましたが、今の段階では達成されていません(The G8 leaders also plan to discuss debt relief for Africa. Some experts say the G8 has failed to carry out many of the promises made to Africa at their summit two years ago)。

G8サミットは3日間のスケジュールが組まれています。ドイツ警察は10万のデモ隊に対して会場封鎖を行っています(The G8 summit is scheduled to last three days. German police have sealed off the meeting site from the estimated 100,000 protesters who have gathered in the vicinity)。

G8のメンバー国は、英国、カナダ、フランス、ドイツ、イタリア、日本、ロシア、そして、米国の8カ国。また、中国、インド、ブラジル、メキシコ、そしてアフリカ各国のリーダーらも出席しています(The G8 members are Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, and the United States. Leaders from China, India, Brazil, Mexico, and a number of African countries will also attend)。
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ベトナム 発ガン性物質検出のしょうゆを回収

Vietnam Recalls Tainted Soy Sauce

・racall ... …を回収する
・taint ... …を汚染する
・soy sauce しょうゆ



Like many countries, Vietnam recently banned several brands of Chinese toothpaste containing toxic ingredients.


・Vietnam ベトナム ※「ベトナムの」は「Vietnamese」
・ban ... …を禁止する
・toothpaste 練り歯磨き
・toxic 有害の
・ingredient 材料、原料

But Vietnam's food manufacturers have safety troubles of their own.


A nationwide recall of soy sauce containing a known carcinogen is the latest of a series of food safety problems that have Vietnamese consumers, and some foreign importers, worried.


・nationwide 全国的な
・carcinogen 発ガン因

In mid-May, food safety inspectors in Ho Chi Minh City announced that several brands of locally manufactured soy sauce contained dangerous levels of a cancer-causing agent called 3-MCPD.


・Ho Chi Minh City ホー・チ・ミン市。旧サイゴン市、旧南ベトナムの首都
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Somali PM Escapes Suicide Bomb Attack

・Somali ソマリアの ※「ソマリア」は「Somalia」
・PM (=Prime Minister) 首相
・suicide bomb attack 自爆テロ



Officials in Somalia say interim Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi has escaped a deadly suicide bomb attack outside his home in Mogadishu.


・official (政府)高官、関係者、当局者
・interim 一時的な
・deadly 過度の、致死的な、命取りの
・Mogadishu モガディシオ。ソマリアの首都

Witnesses and officials say the bomber detonated a car rigged with explosives at the gates of Mr. Gedi's residence Sunday.


・witness 証人、参考人
・detonate ... …を爆発させる
・rig ... …を装備する
・explosive 爆発物

アフリカ連合(AU)の治安部隊の報道官は、ゲディ首相はけががなく無事で、爆発の後、安全な場所へ移されたと発表しました(The spokesman of the African Union peacekeeping force in Somalia says Mr. Gedi was unharmed and was taken to a safe location after the blast)。

この爆発で少なくとも5人の人々が死亡、ソマリア当局はアルカイダの関与を示唆しました(At least five people were killed in the explosion, which Somali government officials are blaming on al-Qaida)。

この1年間でゲディ首相に対する暗殺未遂は少なくとも3回に及んでいます(This is believed to be at least the third attempt on Mr. Gedi's life over the last year)。
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ザンビア サッカー観客倒れ込み12人死亡

12 Soccer Fans Killed in Zambia Stadium Stampede

・Zambia ザンビア ※「ザンビアの」は「Zambian」
・stampede どっと押し寄せること



Zambian police say 12 soccer fans have been killed in a stampede after watching their national team beat the Republic of Congo in an African Cup qualifier.


・Republic of Congo コンゴ共和国 ※アフリカに「コンゴ」は2カ国ある。もうひとつはコンゴ民主共和国(Democratic Republic of Congo)
・qualifier 予選

Police say the stampede happened Saturday as fans rushed to leave the Chililabombwe stadium in northern Zambia's Copperbelt province.


Officials say three women and nine men were crushed to death at the stadium gate. Another 46 people were injured and taken to a hospital.

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India's Economy Expands At Record Rate

・expand 拡大する、拡張する
・record 記録的な、最高の
・rate 比率、割合



India's economy grew at a record 9.4 percent last year - its fastest pace in nearly two decades.


・decade 10年間

The government says the 9.4 percent growth in the fiscal year that ended in March is higher than earlier expectations.


It is also the fastest growth since 1989, and was fueled by robust growth in manufacturing, exports, and the services sector.


・fuel ... …に燃料を供給する
・robust 強い、活気のある、確固たる

Finance Minister P. Chidambaram says growth rates of over eight percent for a fifth straight year show that the time has come to "shed skepticism about the sustainability of high growth" in India.


・shed ... …を追い払う
・skepticism 疑念
・sustainability 持続可能性
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鳥インフルエンザ インドネシアで死者計74人に

Human Bird Flu Kills 1 in Indonesia; Spreads in Vietnam

・bird flu 鳥インフルエンザ
・Indonesia インドネシア ※「インドネシアの」は「Indonesian」
・Vietnam ベトナム ※「ベトナムの」は「Vietnamese」



Indonesian health authorities say a teenage girl has died of bird flu.


If confirmed by the World Health Organization, her death would bring to 79 the number of people in Indonesia who have died from the H5N1 strain of the virus.


・World Health Organization 世界保健機関(=WHO)
・strain (菌)株 (きん)かぶ。菌・バクテリア・培養細胞を純粋に分離培養したもの

In Vietnam, health authorities say bird flu has spread to two more provinces in the northern and central parts of the country.


Fourteen provinces have been been affected by new outbreaks in the last month.


Bird flu has killed 42 people in Vietnam since 2003.

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