US Scientists Say New Evidence Shows Water on Mars

・Mars 火星



Scientists say U.S. satellite images of Mars provide strong evidence that liquid water still flows on the red planet, suggesting an environment that could be hospitable to life.


・satellite 衛星、(人工)衛星
・image 映像、画像
・planet 惑星
・hospitable to ... …に適した

But new pictures also show other signs that Mars could be a dangerous place for life, specifically visiting astronauts.


The images come from a spacecraft that orbited Mars for a decade, the Mars Global Surveyor, which the U.S. space agency recently lost contact with.


Researchers compared some its final pictures of the Martian surface with ones it took seven years ago and have documented the formation of new craters and possible evidence for liquid water flowing in gullies.


・surface 表面
・ducument ... …の証拠を立証する
・crater クレーター
・gully 溝

前回の調査では、数百年前に火星に川が流れていたのではといった結果が発表されましたが、サイエンス誌に掲載された新しい画像は、ちりまみれの不毛なこの惑星に現在でも水が流れていることを裏づけるものとなっています(Previous findings have suggested that water flowed on Mars millions of years ago, but the new images published in the journal Science indicate it still runs on what was thought to be only a dusty, barren planet)。

しかしながら火星には隕石が絶え間なく降り注いでいるので、いつの日か宇宙飛行士を送ることは、非常な危険を伴うことになるとみられています(But sending astronauts to explore Mars someday might be threatening because of the apparent continual bombardment by space rocks)。

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Fiji's Military Declares State of Emergency Following Coup

・Fiji フィジー ※「フィジーの」は「Fijian」
・military 軍、軍隊
・state 状態、ありさま、事態
・emergency 緊急事態、非常事態
・state of emergency 非常事態
・coup クーデター ※発音注意



Fiji's armed forces are tightening their grip on power a day after ousting the elected government.


・tighten one's grip on ... …に対する支配力を強める
・oust ... …を(地位などから)追い払う、排除する

The army has declared a state of emergency, appointed a caretaker prime minister and dismissed the country's police chief after he refused to take orders from the armed forces.


・caretaker 代理の、暫定の
・dismiss ... …を解任する

The head of Fiji's military and coup leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama declared a state of emergency Wednesday, allowing troops to impose curfews, call up reservists and cordon off parts of the capital.


・troop 軍隊
・impose ... …を課する、負わす
・curfew 夜間外出禁止令
・call up ... (or call ... up) …を召集する
・reservist 予備兵
・cordon off ... (or cordon ... off) …に非常線を張る

反対勢力には断固とした処置を行うと宣言していたバイニマラマ軍司令官は、軍の命令に従わない警察長官を解任しました(Bainimarama, saying he would ruthlessly put down any opposition, dismissed the police chief after he refused to take orders from the military)。

しかしながら、バイニマラマ軍司令官は、軍部指導者らは平和裏に暫定政権へ権限を移譲し、最終的には民主的な選挙を行えるよう望んでいるとの見解を示しました(But he also said the military leaders wanted a peaceful transition to an interim administration and - eventually - democratic elections)。

バイニマラマ軍司令官は6日、医師のジョナ・セニラガカリ氏を暫定首相に任命しました。セニラガカリ氏は軍医で政治的経験はまったくありません(The coup leader swore in a caretaker prime minister Wednesday to head the interim government. Dr. Jona Senilagakali is a military physician with no political experience)。

オーストラリアとニュージーランドはフィジーとの軍事関係を中止し、渡航の制限を発令しました(Australia and New Zealand have also suspended military ties with Fiji and imposed travel sanctions)。
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US Senate Confirms Gates as Next Defense Secretary

・Senate 上院(=Upper House)
・Defense Secretary (or Secretary of Defense) (米)国防長官



The U.S. Senate has confirmed Robert Gates by a 92-2 vote to be the next secretary of defense, with opposition Democrats expressing hope he will steer a new course in the war in Iraq.


・opposition 野党
・Democrat 民主党員
・steer ... …のかじを取る

When he takes the oath of office - expected later this month, Gates will succeed Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who has come under criticism from members of both political parties for his handling of the war.


・take the oath 誓う、宣誓する

米上院軍事委員会がロバート・ゲーツ元中央情報局(CIA)長官を承認した次の日の午後に、上院本会議も圧倒的多数で指名を承認しました(A day after the Senate Armed Services Committee approved his nomination, the full Senate late Wednesday easily confirmed Robert Gates, a former director of the Central Intelligence Agency)。

上院本会議の承認は、超党派の有識者の集まりである「イラク研究グループ」がブッシュ大統領のイラク政策は機能しておらず、よって2008年初めにイラク駐留米軍の撤退を求めるといった内容の報告書を発表した同じ日に行われました(Senate confirmation of Gates came on the same day that the Iraq Study Group, a bipartisan group of experts, released a report concluding that President Bush's policy in Iraq is not working and calling for the withdrawal of most U.S. combat troops by early 2008)。
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Military Stages Coup in Fiji

・military 軍、軍隊
・stage ... …を企てる、…を計画する
・coup クーデター ※発音注意
・Fiji フィジー ※「フィジーの」は「Fijian」



Fiji's military has taken control of the country from the democratically elected government. This is fourth coup in nearly 20 years in the South Pacific island nation.


・Pacific 太平洋、太平洋の

Fiji military chief Commodore Frank Bainimarama declared on national television Tuesday he is now in charge.


・military chief commodore 軍司令官
・in charge 管理して、統括して、掌握して

"As of six o'clock this evening, the military has taken over the government, has executive authority and the running of the country," he said.


・as of ... …現在で
・take over ... …を引き継ぐ、掌握する
・executive 執行部
・authority 当局

バイニマラマ司令官は大統領権限を握り、それに伴い、ライセニア・ガラセ首相を解任し、自宅軟禁下に置いたと発表しました(Bainimarama says he has assumed the powers of president - with the authority to dismiss Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase and hold him under house arrest)。

何週間も前からバイニマラマ司令官は、ガラセ首相の汚職疑惑を追及し、フィジー初のインド系首相を失脚に追い込んだ6年前のクーデター首謀者らに恩赦を認める法案の撤回を求め、クーデター実行をにおわせていました(For weeks, Bainimarama has threatened a coup against Mr. Qarase - for alleged corruption and plans to grant amnesty to coup leaders who overthrew Fiji's first-ever ethnic Indian prime minister six years ago)。
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US Announces Moon Base, Lunar Lander Plan

・lunar 月の
・lander 着陸船



The United States says it plans to establish the first permanent human base on the moon by 2020 at the latest.


・permanent 恒久的な
・at the latest 遅くとも

The space agency NASA has revealed its plans for locating the outpost and for a landing craft that would carry astronauts from the base to explore other regions.


・outpost 前哨地
・craft 宇宙船
・astronaut (特に米国の)宇宙飛行士 ※ロシアは「cosmonaut」

NASAの月面居住計画によると、月の両極のどちらかに基地を建設すると予定されます(NASA's plan for beginning human occupation of the moon will most likely begin at one of its poles)。

NASAの月探査計画者であるダグラス・クック氏は、両極は比較的安全で気温も適しているとの見解を発表しました(Space agency moon exploration planner Douglas Cooke says the poles are safer and have more moderate temperatures)。

両極は常に太陽光を受けられる場所であるのみならず、生命維持に必要な水氷を保存できる暗闇も備えており、そこで酸素や燃料水素を製造できる利点があります(They have not only areas bathed in permanent sunlight but also locales of permanent darkness to preserve water ice that can be used for life support and be broken down into oxygen and hydrogen fuels)。

クック氏は、有力な候補地は月の南極のシャクルトン・クレーター付近であるが、「ルナー・リコナイサンス・オービタ」を2008年後半に打ち上げ、その探査機で詳細な月の地形データを得てから判断すると述べました(Cooke says the most likely target is Shackleton crater at the moon's south pole, but that the final base location will be determined when the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter completes a detailed moon map after its late 2008 launch)。
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Bolton To Leave UN Post



John Bolton says he will leave government service when his temporary appointment as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations runs out in a few weeks.


・temporary 臨時の、仮の
・ambassador 大使、使節
・run out (契約などが)満期になる

Bolton is currently holding the job in what is known as a recess appointment, which runs out when the current congressional session formally adjourns and the new one begins in early January.


・recess 休会
・congressional 議会の
・session 会期
・adjourn 休会とする

ボルトン氏に代わる後任人事についてはコメントを発表していません(There is no word yet on a possible replacement for Bolton)。
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Pinochet in Serious Condition After Heart Attack

・Venezuelan ベネズエラの ※「Venezuela」は「ベネズエラ」
・heart attack 心臓発作



The former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet has suffered a heart attack. He is said to be in a serious but stable condition in a hospital in Santiago.


・former 前の、先の
・Chilean チリの ※「チリ」は「Chile」
・dictator 独裁者
・stable 安定した
・Santiago サンティアゴ。チリの首都

The General celebrated his 91st birthday, just over a week ago. From Santiago, Jane Chambers reports for VOA.


A doctor at the military hospital in Santiago has confirmed that the General has suffered a heart attack. He had undergone an angioplasty in the early hours Sunday.


・military 軍、軍隊
・undergo ... …を受ける
・angioplasty 血管形成

1973年から1990年のピノチェト軍事独裁政権時に3000人もの人々が殺害、もしくは行方不明となっています。数千人もの人々が拷問を受け、また国外へ逃亡しています(Some 3,000 people were killed or disappeared during Pinochet's rule from 1973 until 1990. Thousands were tortured, and many thousands more fled the country)。

先月末、司法当局はピノチェト氏に「死のキャラバン」事件としてよく知られている事件に関与した疑いで自宅軟禁を命じました(Late last month, a Chilean judge, ordered Pinochet under house arrest as part of his investigation into a case which has become known as the Caravan of Death)。
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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Celebrates Re-Election

・Venezuelan ベネズエラの ※「ベネズエラ」は「Venezuela」



Venezuelan election officials say President Chavez has won re-election with more than 60 percent of Sunday's vote.


・official 関係者、当局者

VOA's Michael Bowman reports from Caracas, Mr. Chavez' main opponent has conceded defeat, but suggests his quest might continue, in the streets.


・Caracas カラカス。ベネズエラの首都
・opponent 対抗者
・concede ... …(相手の勝利など)を(公式に確認される前に)認める
・defeat 敗北
・quest 探求、追求

A deluge of rain soaked Venezuela's capital, but did nothing to dampen the spirits of euphoric backers of President Chavez, who packed a Caracas plaza in front of the presidential palace to hear their triumphant leader speak.


・deluge 豪雨、洪水
・soak ... …をずぶぬれにさせる
・dampen ... …をくじく
・euphoric 高揚した
・pack ... …を詰め込む
・plaza 広場
・presidential palace 大統領官邸
・triumphant 勝ち誇った ※発音注意

"Long live the Venezuelan people! Long live the socialist revolution! Long live Bolivar! Long live our popular victory!" said the Venezuelan leader.

チャベス大統領は「ベネズエラ万歳! 社会主義万歳! ボリバル革命万歳! 人民の勝利万歳!」と語った。
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Hezbollah-Led Protesters Camp Out in Beirut

・Hezbollah ヒズボラ。レバノンのイスラム教シーア派武装組織
・camp out テントを張る、野営する
・Beirut ベイルート。レバノンの首都



Thousands of Hezbollah supporters are camped out in Beirut for a second day, demanding Lebanon's U.S.-backed government to resign.


・resign 辞任する

Protesters broke the early morning silence Saturday with anti-government chants and nationalist songs.


・chant 唱和

On Friday, hundreds of thousands of people rallied in the capital. Many protesters then pitched tents on streets leading to the heavily barricaded offices of Prime Minister Fuad Siniora, who has been holed up inside.


・rally 集まる
・pitch ... …を張る
・barricade ... …をバリケードで囲い込む
・hole up ... (or hole ... up) …をかくまう

抗議者らはシニオラ首相が退陣するまではここを動かないとの姿勢をみせています(The demonstrators say they will not move until Mr. Siniora resigns)。

イスラム教シーア派組織ヒズボラは挙国一致内閣を樹立することを要求しています(Hezbollah, a Shi'ite militant group, is demanding a new national unity government)。
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Leaders Mark World AIDS Day

・AIDS エイズ、後天性免疫不全症候群(=acquired immunodeficiency [immune deficiency] syndrome) ※エイズはHIVに感染して発病した状態をさす。HIV ヒト免疫不全ウイルス(=human immunodeficiency virus)



U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan has urged world leaders to follow through on their promises to help stop the spread of AIDS and HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.


・U.N. 国際連合、国連(=United Nations)
・United Nations Secretary-General 国連事務総長
・follow through on ... …を遂行する

In a statement released for World AIDS Day Friday, Mr. Annan called the HIV/AIDS pandemic the greatest challenge of this generation.


・pandemic 世界的に流行の病気

コンドリーザ・ライス国務長官は、25年前の1981年に世界で初めてエイズ患者が報告されて以来、死亡した2500万人以上の人々に追悼の意を表明するとともに、3900万人以上のエイズウイルス(HIV)感染者のことを常に記憶にとどめていると語りました(U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice released a statement that the United States mourns the more than 25 million people who have died of AIDS since the first case was reported 25 years ago and remembers the more than 39 million people who are currently living with HIV)。
ラベル:アナン エイズ HIV
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Bush, Maliki Pledge to Accelerate Training of Iraqi Security Forces

・pledge to ... …を誓う
・accelerate ... …を促進する
・Iraqi イラクの ※「イラク」は「Iraq」
・security forces 治安部隊



President Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki are pledging to accelerate the training of Iraqi security forces so the Iraqi government can fight terrorists and provide stability for the country.


Their remarks came as U.S. media reported a bipartisan panel on Iraq will recommend a gradual pullback of U.S. military forces from Iraq, but will stop short of recommending a timetable for their withdrawal.


・bipartisan 超党派の
・panel 委員会、審査員団
・pullback 撤退
・stop short of ... …するまでには至らない
・timetable 予定表
・withdrawal 撤退

As they wrapped up their summit in Jordan, President Bush called Prime Minister Maliki a strong leader, saying the success of his government is crucial to Iraq's future.


・wrap up ... (or wrap ... up) …を仕上げる、要約する
・summit 最高首脳会議、トップ交渉
・Jordan ヨルダン ※発音注意
・crucial きわめて重要な

ブッシュ氏は、「我々は米軍からイラク側への治安維持権限の移譲を加速化させる方針で合意した」と述べました(Mr. Bush says they both agreed on the need to hasten the turnover of security responsibilities to Iraqi forces)。
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・マイブログの【設定】 > 【広告設定】 より、「60日間更新が無い場合」 の 「広告を表示しない」にチェックを入れて保存する。