2007年1月に防衛庁から防衛省へ 「庁」から昇格

Japanese Lawmakers Endorse Upgrade for Defense Agency

・lawmaker 議員
・endorse ... …を是認する、支持する
・upgrade グレードアップ
・Defense Agency 防衛庁



Japan's Defense Agency is about to be upgraded to a full-fledged ministry.


・upgrade ... …の等級を上げる
・full-fledged 一人前の

Japan's lower house of Parliament voted Thursday to rename the Defense Agency the Defense Ministry in January.


・lower house of parliament 下院 ※「衆議院(House of Representatives)」を指す
・parliament 議会、国会
・Defense Ministry 防衛省

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US Ready to Work With New Leftist Ecuadoran Leader

・leftist 左派の、左翼の
・Ecuadoran エクアドルの ※「エクアドル」は「Ecuador」



The U.S. State Department said Monday the United States is ready to work with a new Ecuadoran government headed by leftist political figure Rafael Correa.


・State Department (米)国務省
・figure 人物

The 43-year-old economist, a frequent critic of U.S. policy in Latin America, is the apparent winner of Sunday's election in the Andean country.


・economist 経済学者
・apparent 見たところ、明らかに
・Andean アンデス山脈の

The Bush administration is declaring itself ready to cooperate with the incoming leftist government in Quito, but it also says the quality of bilateral relations will depend on policies that it puts in place.


・administration 政権
・declare ... …を宣言する
・Quito キト。エクアドルの首都 ※ここでは「エクアドル政府」のことを指す
・cooperate with ... …と協力する
・incoming 新しく発足した
・bilateral 双方の、二国間の

Mr. Correa, who describes himself as a personal friend of Venezuela's populist leader Hugo Chavez, piled up a nearly two-to-one margin over his conservative rival Alvaro Noboa in late but still incomplete election returns.


・describe ... as 〜 …を〜だと評する
・Venezuela ベネズエラ ※「ベネズエラの」は「Venezuelan」
・populist 一般向けの
・pile up ... (or pile ... up) …を積み重ねる
・margin (得票数などの)差
・conservative 保守的な
・incomplete 不完全な
・return (「s」をつけて)(候補者の)当選発表

米イリノイ大学で経済学博士号を取得した新大統領コレア氏は、米国主導の自由貿易協定に反対しており、石油会社との契約や非合法と思われる債務を見直す可能性を示唆しています(Mr. Correa, who received a doctorate degree in economics from the University of Illinois, has been a critic of U.S.-backed free trade agreements in the region, and has also threatened to revise the contracts of oil companies working in Ecuador and to not pay foreign debts he considers illegitimate)。
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Rwanda Orders Closure of French Embassy in Kigali

・Rwanda ルワンダ ※「ルワンダの」は「Rwandan」
・embassy 大使館
・Kigali キガリ。ルワンダの首都



Rwanda broke off diplomatic ties with France on Friday in protest at a French judge's call for President Paul Kagame to stand trial over the killing of a former leader, the event which unleashed the country's genocide.


・diplomatic 外交の
・tie 関係
・judge 裁判官、判事
・trial 裁判
・former 前の、先の
・unleash ... …を解き放つ、爆発させる
・genocide 大量殺戮(さつりく)、集団虐殺

Nine presidential aides stand accused of murder and being an accessory to murder in the April 1994 downing of an airplane carrying the then-Hutu president of Rwanda and the president of Burundi.


・aide 補佐官
・accessory to ... …のほう助の
・then- 当時の…
・Burundi ブルンジ ※つづり注意

この撃墜事件によって、100日間に及ぶ内紛が始まり、急進派フツ族がおよそ80万人のツチ族と穏健派フツ族が虐殺されました(That incident was to spark 100 days of bloodshed in which Hutu extremists killed an estimated 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus)。

ルワンダの人々は、この申し出に対して強く抗議しています。23日、2万人を超える人々が首都キガリの路上でデモを行いました(Rwanda has vehemently denied the allegations. More than 20,000 Rwandans took to the streets in the capital Kigali Thursday to protest the warrants)。

ルワンダ外務省のチャールズ・マリガンド大臣は、フランスはこの事件に「深く関与」していたと発表しました(Minister of Foreign Affairs Charles Murigande says France was "deeply involved" in the genocide)。
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French Socialists Nominate Segolene Royal as Presidential Candidate

・socialist 社会党員
・nominate ... …を指名する
・candidate 候補者


フランスの最大野党・社会党(PS=Parti Socialiste)は、セゴレーヌ・ロワイヤル氏を次期大統領選挙の候補者に正式に指名しました。

France's Socialists have formally nominated Segolene Royal as their candidate for next year's presidential election.


In a speech at a special party congress in Paris, Royal told a cheering crowd of delegates that together they were opening a beautiful chapter of French history.


・cheer ... …にかっさいする
・delegate 代理者、代表者
・chapter 章

She vowed to eradicate all forms of injustice in France if she is elected its first female president.


・vow to ... …することを誓う、明言する
・eradicate ... …を根絶する、撲滅する
・injustice 不正
・female 女性の

フランスの保守与党の国民運動連合(UMP)は、候補者を選出していませんが、最有力候補としてニコラ・サルコジ内相の名が挙がっています(France's governing conservatives have yet to pick their presidential candidate but the front-runner is Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy)。

フランス大統領選挙は4月22日に行われ、必要ならば5月6日に決選投票が行われます(The presidential election is scheduled for April 22 with the second round, if necessary, on May 6)。
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Pope Arrives in Turkey Amid Swirl of Controversy

・Pope ローマ法王
・Turkey トルコ ※発音注意
・swirl 混乱、ぐるぐる回ること
・controversy 論争



Pope Benedict XVI has arrived in Turkey for a four-day visit that was surrounded by controversy well before he touched down in the capital, Ankara.


・surround ... …を取り巻く
・Ankara アンカラ。トルコの首都

Some Turks resent his recent comments about Islam. Others object to his earlier stance about Turkey's place within Europe.


・Turk トルコ人
・resent ... …に憤慨する
・Islam イスラム教

Vatican officials acknowledged, from the start, they were not expecting cheering crowds to welcome Pope Benedict.


・Vatican バチカン、ローマ法王庁
・official 関係者、当局者
・acknowledge ... …(の存在・事実など)を認める
・cheer ... …にかっさいする

トルコ国内では、数千人の人々が26日、イスタンブールの路上で抗議活動を行い、トルコ政府までも訪問を冷遇しているのではないかとみられています(Instead, thousands of Turks took to the streets in Istanbul, Sunday, to protest the visit and even the Turkish government had signaled its displeasure)。

トルコのレジェプ・エルドアン首相は当初、ラトビアで開催される北大西洋条約機構(NATO)首脳会談出席という理由からローマ法王の出迎えは困難と発表していたものの、ローマ法王の到着を空港で出迎えるための準備を整えました(Prime Minister Recep Erdogan initially said his schedule would not permit a meeting with the pontiff but, in the end, a quick greeting was arranged at the airport for the Pope's arrival, as the prime minister prepared to leave for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit in Latvia)。

ベネディクト16世が2005年に法王となって以来、イスラム圏への外遊は初めてのこととなります(This is Pope Benedict's first visit to a predominantly Muslim country since he became head of the Roman Catholic Church, last year)。
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Death Toll From Attacks on Iraq's Sadr City Exceeds 200

・death toll 死亡者数、犠牲者数
・Iraq イラク ※「イラクの」は「Iraqi」
・exceed ... …を上回る



Iraqis have begun burying more than 200 victims from Thursday's car bombs and rocket attacks in Baghdad's Shi'ite district of Sadr City.


・bury ... …を埋葬する
・victim 犠牲者、被害者
・Baghdad バグダッド。イラクの首都 ※つづり注意
・Shi'ite(or Shiite) シーア派の信徒、シーア派の
・district 地区

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki ordered police to guard funeral processions, as the victims' caskets were taken from the capital to the Shi'ite holy city of Najaf.


・funeral 葬儀
・procession 行列
・casket (装飾を施した)棺

Iraqi Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi, a Sunni Arab, made a joint televised appeal for calm with President Jalal Talabani, a Kurd, and Shi'ite leader Abdul Aziz al-Hakim.


・vice 副
・Sunni スンニ派教徒

Thursday's attack was the deadliest since the Iraq war began in 2003.


250人以上の人々が負傷し、医師の話ではその中の多くの人々が危険な状態にあると話しています(More than 250 people also were wounded, and doctors say many of them are in critical condition)。

バグダッドはこれ以上の宗派間の争いを避けるために外出禁止令を発令しましたが、24日にはスンニ派近郊地域が攻撃されたとの報道がなされています(Baghdad is under a 24-hour curfew to prevent further sectarian violence, but mortar attacks were reported in Sunni neighborhoods of the city Friday)。
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Former Russian Spy Dies of Radiation Poisoning in London

・former 前の、先の
・Russian ロシアの
・radiation 放射物



Calling it unprecedented, a British official says former Russian Spy Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned by radiation.


・unprecedented 前例のない
・official 関係者、当局者

Leading British health officials have determined that former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, a strong critic of President Vladimir Putin, died from a massive dose of the radioactive substance, polonium-210.


・massive (規模などが)大きい
・dose 服用
・radioactive 放射性を持った、放射性による
・substance 物質

That conclusion has come from the analysis of urine samples taken from Mr. Litvinenko.


・analysis 分析
・urine 尿

アレクサンドル・リトビネンコ氏は6年前に西洋に逃亡し、英国へ亡命しました(Alexander Litvinenko defected to the West and was granted asylum in Britain six years ago)。

一方、フィンランドのヘルシンキでEUサミットに参加しているロシアのプーチン大統領は、ロシア政府のリトビネンコ氏の死への関与を否定しました(Meanwhile, at a Russian-European Union Summit in Helsinki, Russian President Putin denied that the Kremlin had anything to do with the death of Litvinenko)。



Americans Celebrate Thanksgiving

・Thanksgiving 感謝祭。米国では11月第4木曜日にあたる



Americans are celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with parades, football and turkey dinners.


・turkey 七面鳥

Marching bands on New York City's Central Park West kicked off the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.


・kick off ... (or kick ... off) …を始める

Thousands of people watched along the rainy parade route and millions more on television where many will spend the day watching American football.


Thanksgiving is a holiday that legend says began in 1621 when British colonists shared a feast with Native Americans in what is now the northeast state of Massachusetts.


・colonist 入植者
・feast ごちそう、祝祭

ブッシュ大統領はキャンプデービッドの地で七面鳥、コーンブレッド、詰め物、グリーン・ビーンズ、スイートポテト、パンプキンパイのご馳走で時を過ごしています(President Bush is spending the day at Camp David for a meal of turkey, cornbread dressing, green beans, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie)。
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Lebanon Begins 3 Days of Mourning for Slain Anti-Syrian Politician

・Lebanon レバノン ※「レバノンの」は「Lebanese」
・mourning 服喪
・slay ... …を殺害する
・Syrian シリアの ※「シリア」は「Syria」



Mourners in Lebanon have begun to pay last respects to anti-Syrian Cabinet minister Pierre Gemayel, who was gunned down in a Beirut suburb Tuesday.


・mourner 嘆き悲しむ人、送葬者
・anti- 反…
・Cabinet (or cabinet) 内閣
・minister 大臣
・Beirut ベイルート。レバノンの首都

Crowds gathered Wednesday in Gemayel's native village of Bikfaya, where the coffin carrying the body of the 34-year-old industry minister was taken to his family home.


・native 出生地の
・coffin 棺
・industry 産業、工業

The attackers ambushed the Christian politician in his vehicle Tuesday.


・ambush ... …を待ち伏せする

レバノンでは22日、3日間の喪に服し、同日に予定されていたレバノン独立記念日のイベントはキャンセルされました。ジェマイエル氏の葬儀は23日に行われます(Lebanon began three days of mourning Wednesday. Independence Day celebrations scheduled for Wednesday have been canceled. Gemayel's funeral is to be held Thursday)。
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NASA Says Oldest Mars Satellite May be Dead

・NASA 米航空宇宙局(=National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
・Mars 火星
・satellite 衛星、(人工)衛星



The U.S. space agency NASA says its oldest satellite orbiting Mars has probably ended its career.


・agency 機関
・orbit ... …の周りを回る
・career 経歴、生涯

NASA engineers lost contact with it about three weeks ago and are losing hope of ever hearing from it again.


But NASA is celebrating its accomplishments rather than mourning its apparent death.


・accomplishment 業績、偉業
・mourn ... …を嘆き悲しむ
・apparent 見たところ、明らかに

The Mars Global Surveyor arrived at the red planet nine years ago. It was the first of several orbiters that are surveying the cold, barren landscape, looking especially for signs of water and relaying signals from the two robotic rovers crawling over the terrain.


・orbiter 軌道船
・survey ... …を調査する
・barren 不毛な
・landscape 風景、地表

9年間の間、データを送り続け、11月2日に交信が途絶え、それ以来信号が届けられることはありませんでした(For nine years it pumped out data until November 2, when it emerged from a communications blackout behind Mars and never beamed another signal)。
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Asia-Pacific Leaders End Summit With Pledge for Freer Trade, Concern Over North Korea Test

・summit 最高首脳会議、トップ交渉
・pledge 堅い約束、誓約

★テーマ「アジア太平洋経済協力会議(APEC)首脳会議 in ハノイ」


President Bush has joined with leaders of 20 other Asia-Pacific economies in a pledge to advance stalled global trade talks.


・stall ... …を行き詰らせる

That pledge came Sunday at the close of the annual summit of APEC, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation grouping in Vietnam, where leaders also joined in expressing concern over North Korea's nuclear test.


・annual 年次の、年1度の、例年の
・Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation アジア太平洋経済協力会議(=APEC)

最終日の19日には、各国首脳がベトナムの民族衣装を身にまとい写真におさまりました(At the close Sunday, leaders gathered for the traditional summit photo wearing Vietnamese outfits)。

主催国ベトナムのグエン・ミン・チェット大統領が首脳宣言を読み上げました。宣言でチェット大統領は、21カ国・地域が貿易交渉の行き詰まりを打破し、均衡のとれた成果を生み出すために全力を尽くすよう呼びかけました(Host Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet read the leaders' declaration, saying the 21 member economies must spare no effort to break the deadlock in global trade talks and achieve a balanced outcome)。
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US, Russia Sign Historic Trade Deal

・Russia ロシア ※「ロシアの」は「Russian」
・deal 取引、協定



The United States and Russia have signed a landmark trade agreement moving Moscow closer to membership in the World Trade Organization.


・landmark 目印、画期的な事件、(形容詞的に)画期的な
・Moscow モスクワ ※発音注意
・World Trade Organization 世界貿易機関(=WTO)

Word of the agreement came as President Bush sat down for talks in Hanoi with Russian President Vladimir Putin.


両国の通産相は800ページに及ぶ文書に署名し、長い旅路の最終段階だと述べました(The 800-page document was signed in Hanoi by trade ministers for the two countries who called it the last stage in a long journey)。

ロシアは経済大国であるにもかかわらず、149の国と地域が参加しているWTOには加盟を果たしていません(Russia is the largest economy still outside the 149-member World Trade Organization)。
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コンゴ大統領選の決選投票 カビラ氏が勝利宣言

Kabila Declared Winner in Congo's Presidential Election

・declare ... …を宣言する
・Congo コンゴ ※ここではコンゴ民主共和国(Democratic Republic of Congo)のこと。アフリカに「コンゴ」は2カ国ある。コンゴ共和国(Republic of Congo)



The Democratic Republic of Congo's incumbent President Joseph Kabila has won the country's first free and open presidential election in more than four decades.


・incumbent 現職の、在職の
・decade 10年間

In results released late Wednesday, Mr. Kabila garnered 58 percent of ballots cast.


・ballot 投票

It was on state-owned television late Wednesday that the president of the Democratic Republic of Congo's national electoral commission, Apollinaire Malumalu, officially declared the incumbent president, Joseph Kabila, the winner.


・state-owned 国営の
・electoral 選挙(人)の
・commission (特定の役割をもつ)委員会

正式な数値を見ると、カビラ氏は58%の得票率で、ジャンピエール・ベンバ暫定副大統領は42%の得票率となりました(According to the official figures, Mr. Kabila won 58 percent of the vote, compared to Bemba's 42 percent)。

8月に行われた1回目の投票の結果、ベンバ氏を支持する過激派とカビラ氏の警備隊が首都キンシャサで3日間に渡って衝突し、少なくとも23人が死亡しました(The announcement of first round results in August sparked three days of heavy fighting in the capital, Kinshasa, between militants loyal to Bemba and Mr. Kabila's presidential guard that left at least 23 dead)。

ベンバ氏のキンシャサの自宅前で同様の暴動が11日発生し、4人が犠牲になりました(Similar clashes broke out Saturday in front of Bemba's Kinshasa residence, killing another four people.)。
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Al Jazeera Launches Global Broadcast Operation

・Al Jazeela (or al-Jazeera) アルジャジーラ。カタール(Qatar)の衛星テレビ局



The Arab broadcaster Al Jazeera frequently makes news when it reports news.


・broadcaster 放送局

The station has not only aired controversial interviews with terrorists such as Osama Bin Laden, but also top U.S. officials.


・station 放送局
・controversial 論争(上)の、議論の余地のある

On Wednesday, Al Jazeera expanded its operation with a new international English language channel.


・expand ... …を拡大する、拡張する
・operation 事業

With the launch of its new channel, Al Jazeera hopes to expand the reach of its network from an Arabic and Middle Eastern audience to a global, English-speaking one.


・launch 開始
・audience 聴衆、観衆
・global 全世界の、世界的な

アルジャジーラはカタールの首都ドーハを本拠に置くテレビ局で、ホワイトハウスからわずか3ブロックに位置するワシントンDCの拠点を含め、20カ国に拠点を置いています(Al Jazeera International is broadcasting from Doha, Qatar with 20 overseas bureaus, including one in Washington, DC just three blocks from the White House)。
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US Vetoes UN Resolution Condemning Israeli Gaza Operations

・veto ... …に対し拒否権を行使する
・UN 国際連合、国連(=United Nations)
・resolution 決議、決議案
・condemn ... …を非難する
・Israeli イスラエルの ※「イスラエル」は「Israel」
・operation 作戦行動



The United States has used its Security Council veto to block a U.N. draft resolution condemning a deadly Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip.


・Security Council (国連)安全保障理事会
・block ... …を阻止する
・draft 草案
・Gaza Strip ガザ地区

The Arab-backed measure received 10 votes in favor during a special Saturday session of the Security Council.


・-backed …の支持がある
・favor 賛成して
・session 開会、議会の会期

Four countries, Japan, Slovakia, Denmark and Britain abstained, and the United States cast the lone "no" vote.


・abstain 棄権する
・cast ... …(票)を投じる
・lone ただ1人の

It was the second time this year the United States has used its veto to block passage of a resolution condemning Israeli military operations in the occupied territories.


・passage (法案などの)可決
・military 軍、軍隊
・occupied 占領された
・territory 領土、領域

The Arab-backed measure would have condemned the Israeli attack in Gaza last Wednesday that killed 19 Palestinian civilians. It also urged a prompt withdrawal of Israeli forces from the area.


・Palestinian パレスチナの ※「パレスチナ」は「Palestine」
・civilian 市民、民間人
・prompt 即刻の
・withdrawal 撤退
・force 軍隊

拒否権行使にあたって米国のジョン・ボルトン国連大使は、この決議案は「イスラエルに対する偏見に満ちており、政治的動機に基づいたものである」との見解を示しました(In casting his veto, America's U.N. Ambassador John Bolton said he was disturbed that the draft resolution was "biased and politically motivated")。
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Last US Senate Race Decided; Democrats to Control Both Houses of Congress

・Senate 上院(=Upper House)
・Democrat 民主党員
・House 議会、議院
・Congress (米国)連邦議会、国会 ※上院(the Senate)と下院(the House of Representatives)からなる



Republican Senator George Allen has conceded defeat in the U.S. Senate race in Virginia, handing a victory to former Navy Secretary James Webb, and, in so doing, shifting power to the Democrats.


・Republican 共和党員、共和党の
・concede ... …(相手の勝利など)を(公式に確認される前に)認める
・defeat 敗北
・hand ... to 〜 〜に…を手渡す
・former 前の、先の
・Navy Secretary 海軍長官

For the first time in 12 years, Democrats will control both the House and Senate when a new Congress convenes in January.


・convene 召集される

The contest for the U.S. Senate seat from Virginia was one of the closest in Tuesday's election.


・contest 争い

最後の1議席となっていたバージニア州の結果により、定数100議席の上院で51議席を獲得し、ブッシュ大統領が就任して以来初めてとなる多数派を確保しました(The results of the Virginia race give Democrats not only a 51-seat majority in the 100-member Senate but control of Congress for the first time in President Bush's six years in office)。

ブッシュ大統領は8日、民主党から対イラク戦略の変更が叫ばれる中、ラムズフェルド国防長官の辞任を発表しました(President Bush announced Wednesday that Rumsfeld would be resigning, a move Democrats have long urged as a step toward changing course in Iraq)。
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Democratic Gains Alter Balance of Power in Washington

・Democratic (米)民主党の



The shock waves from Democratic Party victories in the congressional midterm elections continued to rock Washington Wednesday.


・party 党
・congressional 議会の
・midterm 中間の
・rock ... …を揺さぶる、動揺させる

President Bush announced he is replacing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld as Democrats called for a new approach to the war in Iraq.


・replace ... …に取って代わる
・Defense Secretary (or Secretary of Defense) (米)国防長官
・Democrat 民主党員
・call for ... …を要求する

With Democrats now controlling a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time since 1994, Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi left little doubt that her party will seek a fresh approach on Iraq in the months ahead.


・majority 大多数、過半数
・House of Representatives 下院 ※日本では「衆議院」

ブッシュ大統領は記者会見でラムズフェルド国防長官の辞任を発表した際に、イラク問題に対しては「新しい方針」が必要だとの認識を示しました。ラムズフェルド氏は、イラク政策に対して民主党から長い間、非難を受けていました(President Bush agreed on the need for a "fresh perspective" on Iraq as he announced at a news conference that he was replacing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who has long been the focus of Democratic criticism over the administration's Iraq policy)。

ロバード・ゲーツ元中央情報局(CIA)長官が後任に選ばれました(Former CIA Director Robert Gates has been chosen to replace Rumsfeld)。
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Bird Flu Expert Chan Elected Head of WHO

・bird flu 鳥インフルエンザ
・expert 熟達した人、専門家



The newly elected director general of the World Health Organization, Margaret Chan, says she will focus on the health needs of people in Africa and on the health of women.


・director general 事務局長
・WHO 世界保健機関(=World Health Organization)。1948年設立の国連機関。本部はスイス・ジュネーブ

Chan was formally approved to head the 193-member organization at a special one-day session of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva.


・formally 正式に
・approve ... …を認可する
・session 開会、議会の会期
・Geneva ジュネーブ。スイスの都市 ※発音注意

中国人の国連主要機関のトップ就任は初めてとなります(Margaret Chan is the first person from China to head a major United Nations agency)。
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African American from Minnesota Is First Muslim Elected to U.S. Congress

・Muslim イスラム教の、イスラム教徒
・Congress (米国)連邦議会、国会 ※上院(the Senate)と下院(the House of Representatives)からなる



Keith Ellison has made American political history. As the victorious Democrat in November's mid-term elections for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, Ellison is the first African American Congressman from the Midwestern state of Minnesota and the first Muslim legislator ever elected to Capitol Hill.


・victorious 勝利を得た
・Democrat 民主党員
・mid-term 中間の
・Congressman (米)連邦議会議員、(特に)下院議員
・legislator 議員
・Capitol Hill 米連邦議会議事堂(Capitol)のある丘→米国連邦議会

Throughout his months-long campaign -- first to win his party's nomination and then to beat his Republican and Independent opponents -- Keith Ellison, 43, has taken a clear stand on issues of urgent importance to average voters.


・campaign 選挙運動
・nomination 指名、推薦、任命
・beat ... …を打ち負かす
・Republican 共和党員、共和党の
・independent 無所属の
・opponent 対抗者
・issue 課題、問題、関心事、(問題の)焦点
・urgent 緊急の、急を要する
・average 平均の、普通の

"The first issue has got to be peace," Ellison says. "We believe that peace should be the guiding principal of our country and that the United States should not be in Iraq at this time. Secondly, we believe in health care for all."


・guide 道案内の役をする
・principal 第一位の
・health care 医療、健康管理

キース・エリソン氏は20年以上前の大学生の時、イスラム教に改宗しました(Keith Ellison converted to Islam more than two decades ago, as a college student)。

エリソン氏は、私生活ではイスラムの法にのっとって行動するが、選挙活動中も述べていた通り、「イスラム教徒の候補者」としてではなく、この国をよりよくしていこうと活動していく一米国人として立候補した、と強調しました(Although he follows Islamic law in his personal life, Ellison stressed during the campaign that he was not running as the "Muslim candidate" for Congress but as an American trying to make his country better)。
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Democrats Take US House, Senate Control Undecided

・Democrat 民主党員
・House 下院 ※正式には「the House of Representatives」
・Senate 上院(=Upper House)



Opposition Democrats have taken control of the U.S. House of Representatives, emerging from Tuesday's midterm congressional elections with their first majority in the 435-member body since 1994.


・opposition 野党
・emerge 現れる
・midterm 中間の
・congressional 議会の
・majority 大多数、過半数
・body 団体

Control of the Senate will be decided by two races that remain too close to call.


In exit polls across the nation, voters said their top concerns were corruption in government and the war in Iraq.


・exit poll 出口調査
・corruption 汚職、堕落、腐敗

Those issues appeared to work against the governing Republican Party, which lost its 12-year majority in the House of Representatives.


・issue 課題、問題

California Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who is expected to become America's first female Speaker of the House, had a message for President Bush as she addressed party faithful at Democratic headquarters in Washington:


・female 女性の
・address ... …(人)に演説する、…(場所)で演説する
・faithful 忠実な会員、忠実な支持者
・Democratic (米)民主党の
・headquarters 本部

"And so we say to the president, 'Mr. President, we need a new direction in Iraq,'" she says.


民主党は上院でも議席を伸ばしました。共和党が議席を有していたロードアイランド、ペンシルベニア、オハイオ、ミズーリなどの各州で民主党候補が競り勝ちました(Democrats also made gains in the Senate, taking Republican-held seats in Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Missouri)。

ペンシルベニア州で上院に選出されたボブ・キャシー候補は勝利宣言で、最近の一連の連邦議会のスキャンダルに対する国民不信や政府の信頼を取り戻す必要性などに触れました(In his victory speech, Pennsylvania Senator-elect Bob Casey noted voter concern about recent congressional scandals and the need for integrity in government)。

現在の投票集計結果では、上院議席をめぐって民主党49、共和党49と拮抗しており、バージニア州とモンタナ州のあと2議席分が接戦となっているため、結果が判明していません(The current tally has Senate control split 49-to-49 between Democrats and Republicans, with races in Virginia and Montana too close to call)。

民主党の集計結果にはコネティカット州の現職の上院議員、ジョゼフ・リーバーマン候補も含まれています。リーバーマン上院議員は民主党候補を選ぶ予備選挙で敗れたため、無所属として立候補して勝利を収めました(The Democratic tally includes Connecticut incumbent Senator Joe Lieberman, who ran and won as an independent after losing in his party's primary election)。
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