Military Seizes Power in Thailand

・military 軍、軍隊
・seize ... …を奪う
・power 権力
・Thailand タイ ※「タイの」は「Thai」



Thai military leaders have seized control of the capital in an apparently bloodless coup.


・apparently どうやら(…らしい)、見たところでは
・coup クーデター ※発音注意

They say they acted out of loyalty to King Bhumipol Adulyadej. The move follows weeks of rising tensions between Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and key military personnel.


・loyalty 忠義(心)
・key 重要な
・personnel 人員

Troops under the command of General Sondhi Boonyaratglin took up positions around Bangkok late Tuesday. Military officers said they had taken control of the government, revoked the constitution and shut down most arms of the government.


・troop 軍隊
・Bangkok バンコク。タイの首都 ※つづり注意
・revoke ... …を取り消す、無効にする
・constitution 憲法

The military declared Wednesday would be a holiday, closing banks, the stock market and schools.


・stock market 株式市場

As the coup got under way, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, in New York for the United Nations General Assembly, declared a state of emergency in the capital. He also ordered General Sondhi out of his post.

・United Nations General Assembly 国連総会
・state 状態、ありさま、事態
・emergency 緊急事態、非常事態
・state of emergency 非常事態

The coup leaders ignored Mr. Thaksin's actions, and issued a statement on television, appealing to the public to remain calm.


・ignore ... …を無視する
・issue ... …(宣言など)を出す、発する
・appeal to ... to 〜 …に〜してくれるよう懇請する
・calm 平静な、落ち着いた

A spokesman for the coup leaders said the military action was a result of the country's deep divisions and called on military personnel to remain in their barracks.


・division 分裂、不和
・call on ... to 〜 …に〜するよう求める
・barrack 兵舎

当局は、1997年制定の現行憲法を停止し、プミポン国王を指導者とする民主主義体制を実現させると発表しました。ただし、プミポン国王の主要顧問機関である枢密院と法廷は引き続き機能すると述べました(The official says the 1997 constitution had been canceled and the country would emerge as a democracy with King Bhumipol Adulyadej as the leader. But the Privy Council - the key advisory body to the king - and the courts would continue to function)。

タクシン首相は国連総会で予定していた一般演説を中止しました。タクシン氏がタイに戻れる日が来るのか、もしくはそれがいつになるのかは明らかになっていません(Mr. Thaksin canceled his planned speech before the United Nations General Assembly. It was not clear if, or when, he would be allowed to return to Thailand)。

タイでは1932年の立憲革命以降、18回のクーデター、またはクーデター未遂がありました。最後にあったのは1991年(Thailand has experienced 18 coups or coup attempts since it became a constitutional monarchy in 1932 - the last time in 1991)。

タイでは、タクシン首相の職権乱用、汚職の横行に対して辞任要求の路上デモがこの1年の間で起こっていて、政治的緊張の高まりが続いていました(Political tensions in Thailand have been rising over the past year as street demonstrations called for Mr. Thaksin to step aside because of allegations of abuse of power and corruption)。

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