Somalia: Kismayo Eye Witness

・Somalia ソマリア



This week, the Union of Islamic Courts in Somalia took control of the southern port city of Kismayo, completing the militia’s control of southern and central Somalia and isolating the transitional government in Baidoa.


・Islamic イスラムの、イスラム教の
・isolate ... …を孤立させる

At the same time, the take over has resulted in a sharp increase in refugees into neighboring Kenya, according to the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.


・refugee 難民
・Kenya ケニア
・U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees 国連難民高等弁務官

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Japan's New Leader Unveils Policies

・unveil ... …を公表する



Japan's new prime minister has unveiled his new administration's policy.


While encouraging patriotism at home and pushing to revise the country's pacifist constitution, Shinzo Abe also expresses the hope for better ties with neighboring nations that are wary of a resurgent Japanese nationalism.


・patriotism 愛国(心)
・revise ... …を改正する、修正する
・pacifist 平和主義(者)の
・constitution 憲法
・wary 警戒している、慎重な
・resurgent 復活する
・nationalism 国民主義

首相となって3日目の安倍氏は29日、衆院本会議で所信表明演説を行いました(Three days into his term as prime minister, Shinzo Abe gave his inaugural policy speech in Japan's lower house of parliament on Friday)。

この演説で安倍氏は、近隣諸国、特に中国と韓国との関係強化を築いていきたいとの見解を示しました(In the address Mr. Abe called for better relations with Japan's neighbors, especially China and South Korea)。

安倍氏は首相として靖国神社を参拝するかについては明言しませんでした(Mr. Abe has refused to say whether he will visit the shrine as prime minister)。
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Thailand's New Airport Opens, With Celebrations Muted by Coup

・Thailand タイ ※「タイの」は「Thai」
・mute ... …を弱める
・coup クーデター ※発音注意



Thailand's new $4 billion international airport has begun full-time operations, with a minimum of first-day glitches. The opening lacked the normal fanfare, due to last week's military coup.


・glitch 小さな欠陥、故障、不調
・fanfare ファンファーレ、広告、宣伝

There were concerns that Bangkok's giant new airport might be opening too soon. The date was set by recently ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, and appeared to be aimed at promoting his government ahead of general elections originally scheduled for later this year.


・Bangkok バンコク。タイの首都 ※つづり注意
・oust ... …を(地位などから)追い払う、排除する

Mr. Thaksin was kicked out in last week's coup d'etat, and the elections have been postponed for a year. And despite what some saw as a rush to open, the first day of operation saw few problems. Passengers complained of confusing signage, too few luggage carts, slow baggage delivery - common problems with new airports.

・postpone ... …を延期する
・signage 記号、マーク

空港当局によると、56万3000平方メートルの床面積を有するH型のターミナルビルは世界最大規模(Airports of Thailand, the operating authority, says the 563,000 square-meter, H-shaped terminal building is the largest in the world)。

スワンナプーム(黄金の土地)国際空港は年間4500万人の利用客が見込まれている(The airport, known as Suvarnabhumi, or "Golden Land" in Thai, is capable of handling 45 million passengers a year)。

国際空港だった90年の歴史をもつドンムアン空港は年間3900万人の利用客規模を誇っていました(It replaces 90-year-old Don Muang Airport, which was over capacity with 39 million passengers annually)。

スワンナプーム国際空港はバンコクの東約30キロに位置します(The airport, situated a little over 30 kilometers east of Bangkok)。
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Japan's Parliament, as Expected, Selects Shinzo Abe as Prime Minister

・parliament 議会、国会
・Prime Minister 首相(=PM)



Shinzo Abe has become Japan's youngest prime minister since the Second World War. The 52-year-old nationalist was selected by the Japanese parliament as expected, succeeding Junichiro Koizumi. The new prime minister wasted no time in selecting his Cabinet.


・nationalist 国家主義者
・Cabinet (or cabinet) 内閣

With the Liberal Democratic Party firmly in control of Japan's parliament, there was no doubt Tuesday who would be selected as prime minister.


・Liberal Democratic Party 自由民主党、自民党(=LDP)

Within hours of his election, Mr. Abe unveiled his Cabinet lineup, which includes two women and one non-politician.


・unveil ... …を公表する

Among the Koizumi administration officials retained in office is outspoken conservative Taro Aso, who kept his post as foreign minister.


・outspoken 率直な、遠慮のない
・conservative 保守的な

52歳の安倍氏は戦後生まれ初の、また戦後最年少の首相となりました(Mr. Abe, at 52, becomes the youngest prime minister in Japan in the post-World War II era. He is also the first leader born after the war)。

安倍首相は29日に政権の目的を発表する所信表明演説を行う予定となっています(He is scheduled to lay out his administration's goals in a policy speech to parliament on Friday)。
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Attacks Across Iraq Kill 19 at Start of Ramadan

・Ramadan ラマダン。断食月



Iraqi officials say scattered violence across the country has killed at least 19 people.


・scattered 散在している

Bomb attacks in Tal Afar (420 kilometers northwest of Baghdad) and Baghdad targeted Iraqi security forces.


・Baghdad バグダッド。イラクの首都 ※つづり注意
・security forces 治安部隊

A Sunni militant group said Sunday that it recently executed 10 Shi'ites from India and Pakistan. It is unclear if the victims were among 14 South Asian Shi'ite pilgrims killed earlier this month.


・Sunni スンニ派教徒
・militant 過激派
・execute ... …を処刑する
・Shi'ite(or Shiite) シーア派の信徒、シーア派の
・victim 犠牲者、被害者
・pilgrim 巡礼者

The U.S. military has forecast an increase in attacks during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which began for Iraq's Sunnis on Saturday, and is due to start for Iraqi Shi'ites on Monday.


・forecast ... …を予想する
・Muslim イスラム教の、イスラム教徒
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World Leaders Skeptical About Report of Osama bin Laden's Death

・skeptical 懐疑的な



The President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, has said the death of Osama bin Laden would be good news, but he called published reports of the al-Qaida leader's demise mere speculation.


・al-Qaida(=al-Qaeda) アルカイダ。オサマ・ビンラディン(Osama bin Laden)率いるイスラム過激派の巨大テロ組織

Mr. Karzai spoke Saturday in Canada, following publication in a French newspaper of a French intelligence report that said Saudi officials believed bin Laden had died in Pakistan within the past month.


・Saudi サウジアラビアの

The report triggered widespread skepticism.


・trigger ... …の引き金となる、…を誘発する

French President Jacques Chirac stressed that the report has not been confirmed. He also promised an investigation, saying he was surprised such secret information had been published.


・stress ... …を力説する、強調する

The White House also said it could not confirm the information, while U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice declined comment.


・U.S. Secretary of State 米国務長官
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German Authorities Investigate Deadly Maglev Train Crash

・deadly 過度の、致死的な、命取りの
・maglev リニアモーターカー(=magnetic levitation ※「levitation」は「空中浮揚」)
・crash 衝突



German authorities are investigating a high-speed train crash Friday that killed 23 people and injured 10 others.


・authority (通例 the authorities)当局

Prosecutors Saturday sent technical experts to the test track in the northern town of Lathen where the accident occurred to find out why the Transrapid magnetic levitation train and a maintenance vehicle were on the track at the same time.

・prosecutor 検察官

同リニアは時速約200キロで走行しており、同軌道上で清掃作業を行っていた車両に激突しました(The train was traveling at a speed of nearly 200 kilometers per hour when it slammed into the maintenance vehicle, which was cleaning the track)。

調査官と走行テストを行っていたドイツIABGの職員は、意思疎通の確認を怠った人的ミスにより事故が発生したのではとの見方を示しています(Prosecutors and officials of test track operator, IABG, say human error, possibly a breakdown in communication, is probably the cause of the accident)。

今のところ、技術的ミスによる原因はつかめていません(They say, so far, there is no evidence the train's technology failed)。

22日、ドイツのメルケル首相は現場に駆けつけました(German Chancellor Angela Merkel traveled to the crash site Friday)。

このリニア車両は燃料やエンジンは搭載しておらず、磁気浮上技術を利用して車両をレール上から1センチ浮かせ、走行しています(The Transrapid train has no fuel source or engine. It is propelled by electro-magnetic power, and glides about one centimeter above the rail on a magnetic cushion)。

最大時速450キロで走行することが可能(Magnetic levitation, or "maglev," trains are capable of reaching speeds of up to 450 kilometers per hour)。

同リニアは世界で唯一、中国・上海で営業運転を行っています(The only commercially operated Transrapid train system is in Shanghai, China)。

上海の金融の中心地と浦東国際空港を結ぶ30キロ間を走行しています(There the 30-kilometer track goes from the city's financial center to Pudong airport)。
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Abe Elected Leader of Japan's Governing Party

・governing 支配する、統治する



In Japan, it is Shinzo Abe by a landslide. The government's chief cabinet secretary, as expected, has swept the election for leadership of the Liberal Democratic Party, putting him in position to take over as prime minister next week.


・landslide 地滑り、大勝利
・chief cabinet secretary 内閣官房長官
・sweep ... …に圧勝する
・Liberal Democratic Party 自由民主党、自民党(=LDP)
・take over 引き継ぐ

In an intra-party contest that pitted three members of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's cabinet against each other, the early favorite, Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe, easily defeated Foreign Minister Taro Aso and Finance Minister Sadakazu Tanigaki to become party president Wednesday.


・intra-party (or intraparty) 党内の
・pit ... against 〜 …を〜に対抗させる
・Foreign Minister 外務大臣
・Finance Minister 財務大臣

Since the L.D.P. has a majority in the lower house of Parliament, Abe is now considered a shoo-in to be selected prime minister by the house on September 26.


・lower house of parliament 下院 ※「衆議院(House of Representatives)」を指す
・shoo-in 勝利が確実視されている候補者。当確者

岸信介元首相を祖父に、佐藤栄作元首相を大叔父にもつ安倍氏は、有効投票総数702票のうち、3分の2を獲得しました(Abe whose grandfather and great uncle were prime ministers, captured two-thirds of the 702 votes in the election at the party's Tokyo headquarters)。

安倍氏は総裁としての最初の会見で、小泉政権の経済改革を継承し、人口の減少など諸問題に立ち向かっていくと公約しました(Abe, in his first news conference as party chief, pledged to carry on the economic reforms of the Koizumi administration, and confront issues arising from the nation's population decline)。

安倍氏が何度も口にしている「美しい国」をつくる決意を再度訴えました(He repeated his oft-stated campaign theme of making Japan "a beautiful country")。

21日に52歳になる安倍氏は、戦後生まれ初の首相となります(Abe, who will be 52 on Thursday, is poised to become the first Japanese prime minister born after the Second World War)。
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Military Seizes Power in Thailand

・military 軍、軍隊
・seize ... …を奪う
・power 権力
・Thailand タイ ※「タイの」は「Thai」



Thai military leaders have seized control of the capital in an apparently bloodless coup.


・apparently どうやら(…らしい)、見たところでは
・coup クーデター ※発音注意

They say they acted out of loyalty to King Bhumipol Adulyadej. The move follows weeks of rising tensions between Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and key military personnel.


・loyalty 忠義(心)
・key 重要な
・personnel 人員

Troops under the command of General Sondhi Boonyaratglin took up positions around Bangkok late Tuesday. Military officers said they had taken control of the government, revoked the constitution and shut down most arms of the government.


・troop 軍隊
・Bangkok バンコク。タイの首都 ※つづり注意
・revoke ... …を取り消す、無効にする
・constitution 憲法

The military declared Wednesday would be a holiday, closing banks, the stock market and schools.


・stock market 株式市場

As the coup got under way, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, in New York for the United Nations General Assembly, declared a state of emergency in the capital. He also ordered General Sondhi out of his post.

・United Nations General Assembly 国連総会
・state 状態、ありさま、事態
・emergency 緊急事態、非常事態
・state of emergency 非常事態

The coup leaders ignored Mr. Thaksin's actions, and issued a statement on television, appealing to the public to remain calm.


・ignore ... …を無視する
・issue ... …(宣言など)を出す、発する
・appeal to ... to 〜 …に〜してくれるよう懇請する
・calm 平静な、落ち着いた

A spokesman for the coup leaders said the military action was a result of the country's deep divisions and called on military personnel to remain in their barracks.


・division 分裂、不和
・call on ... to 〜 …に〜するよう求める
・barrack 兵舎

当局は、1997年制定の現行憲法を停止し、プミポン国王を指導者とする民主主義体制を実現させると発表しました。ただし、プミポン国王の主要顧問機関である枢密院と法廷は引き続き機能すると述べました(The official says the 1997 constitution had been canceled and the country would emerge as a democracy with King Bhumipol Adulyadej as the leader. But the Privy Council - the key advisory body to the king - and the courts would continue to function)。

タクシン首相は国連総会で予定していた一般演説を中止しました。タクシン氏がタイに戻れる日が来るのか、もしくはそれがいつになるのかは明らかになっていません(Mr. Thaksin canceled his planned speech before the United Nations General Assembly. It was not clear if, or when, he would be allowed to return to Thailand)。

タイでは1932年の立憲革命以降、18回のクーデター、またはクーデター未遂がありました。最後にあったのは1991年(Thailand has experienced 18 coups or coup attempts since it became a constitutional monarchy in 1932 - the last time in 1991)。

タイでは、タクシン首相の職権乱用、汚職の横行に対して辞任要求の路上デモがこの1年の間で起こっていて、政治的緊張の高まりが続いていました(Political tensions in Thailand have been rising over the past year as street demonstrations called for Mr. Thaksin to step aside because of allegations of abuse of power and corruption)。
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ハンガリーで首相辞任要求 大統領、事態の収拾を呼びかけ

Hungarian President Urges End to 'Moral Crisis'

・Hungarian ハンガリーの ※「ハンガリー」は「Hungary」
・moral 道徳上の



Hungarian President Laszlo Solyom has appealed to the country's prime minister to apologize for creating what he calls a "moral crisis" in Hungary.


・appeal to ... to 〜 …に〜してくれるよう懇請する
・apologize 謝罪する

The president's comments came as thousands of angry protesters attempted to storm the national television station, demanding the prime minister's resignation.


・storm ... …を攻撃する
・resignation 辞任

The Hungarian television station was the scene as scores of protesters smashed windows and hurled bottles and cobblestones at riot police. Flagstones were used to attack the television building.


・smash ... …を粉砕する
・hurl ... …を投げつける
・cobblestone 丸石
・riot 暴動
・riot police 武装警官、機動隊
・flagstone 敷石

Security forces fired tear gas to keep the demonstrators out of the facility. Part of the building and nearby cars were set on fire.


・tear gas 催涙ガス

ラジオ放送による漏えいした録音テープがきっかけとなり、反政府デモ隊の抗議活動が広まりました。その録音テープの中でジュルチャーニ首相は非公開の党大会で、4月の選挙で再選を得るために有権者に対してウソをついたと発言していました(The anti-government demonstrations were sparked by a leaked tape, aired on Hungarian radio, in which Prime Minister Gyurcsany can be heard as telling a closed party meeting that his Socialist-led government had lied to voters to win re-election in April)。
ハンガリーで民衆と警官隊の衝突が起きたのは社会主義体制が崩壊した1989年以来のことで、最悪の事態となっています(Monday's protest was Hungary's worst clash between police and demonstrators since the fall of Communism, in 1989)。

政府は選挙前にはハンガリーの経済状況は悪くなく、2006年の財政赤字は4.7%くらいにとどまるであろうと発言していました。しかしながら、再選が決まった後に、ジュルチャーニ首相は大々的な経費削減や増税を表明し、GDP比の財政赤字を10%以上修正しました(Before the election, the government insisted Hungary's economy was not as bad as it seemed and that a budget deficit in 2006 would be around 4.7 percent. But, after he was re-elected, Mr. Gyurcsany admitted that - even with dramatic spending cuts and more taxes - the gap would rise to more than 10 percent of GDP)。
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Sweden's Persson Resigns After Losing Parliamentary Vote

・Sweden スウェーデン ※発音注意
・resign 辞任する
・parliamentary 議会の



Sweden's Prime Minister Goran Persson has handed in his formal resignation following the defeat of his Social Democrats in Sunday's parliamentary elections.


・resignation 辞任
・defeat 敗北

Political newcomer Fredrik Reinfeldt will take over, after his four-party center-right alliance secured a narrow victory with 48 percent of the vote. Mr. Persson's Social Democrat coalition won just over 46 percent.


・newcomer 新来者、新顔
・take over 引き継ぐ
・center-right 中道右派の
・alliance 同盟
・narrow かろうじての、すれすれの
・coalition 連合、連立

10年にわたって首相を務めたペーション氏は17日、敗北宣言を行いました。ペーション首相の内閣は来月までで、その後はラインフェルト氏が政権を担うこととなります(Mr. Persson, who has been in office 10 years, conceded defeat Sunday. His cabinet will remain in power in a caretaker capacity until next month, when Mr. Reinfeldt presents a new cabinet to parliament)。

ラインフェルト氏は、非難の声が多い高い税負担を減らし、高福祉のシステムを見直し、雇用創出を約束しました(Mr. Reinfeldt has promised to create jobs by cutting Sweden's notoriously high taxes and reforming its generous welfare system)。
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Suspected Suicide Bomber Fails to Kill Somalia's Interim President

・suspected 疑いのある
・suicide bomber 自爆攻撃、自爆テロの実行人
・fail to ... …しない、できない
・Somalia ソマリア
・interim 一時的な



Bomb blast kills five people in convoy, including President Yusuf's brother, security forces kill six presumed assailants in a gunbattle.


・blast 突風、爆発
・presume ... …であるとみなす
・assailant 襲撃者
・gunbattle 銃撃戦

Officials say several other people were wounded in the blast. Meanwhile, the body of an Italian nun killed in the capital was flown to the Kenyan capital late Sunday.


・body 死体
・nun 修道女
・Kenyan ケニアの ※「ケニア」は「Kenya」

イスマイル・モハムド・フレ外相は国会に出席した後、VOAに対して、この爆発はアブドラヒ・ユスフ・アフメド大統領を暗殺しようとした攻撃である、と語りました(Somalia's foreign minister, Esmael Mohamud Hurreh, told VOA the bombing was apparently an assassination attempt against Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, as he was leaving a session in parliament)。

18日の爆発事件は、17日のイタリア人のカトリック修道女が首都モガディシオで殺害された事件の後に発生しました(Monday's car explosion follows on the heels of the murder of an Italian Catholic nun in Mogadishu Sunday)。

修道女殺害は、ベネディクト16世が先週、イスラム教に対して批判的な発言をしたことに対する反発が背景にあるとの見方もでています(Some have speculated that her murder was a reaction to the controversy over a speech Pope Benedict XVI gave last week, in which he quoted a comment critical of Islam)。
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Pope's Comments on Islam Spark Anger

・Pope ローマ法王
・Islam イスラム教
・spark ... …を誘発する



The Vatican says Pope Benedict XVI did not mean to offend Muslims when, during a lecture in Germany this week, he referred to the prophet, Muhammad, holy war and forced conversions.


・Vatican バチカン、ローマ法王庁
・offend ... …の感情を害する
・prophet 預言者
・holy war 聖戦
・forced 強制された
・conversion 改宗

But Muslim clerics, organizations and Web sites have expressed outrage at the pope's comments.


・Muslim イスラム教の、イスラム教徒
・cleric 聖職者、牧師
・outrage 激怒

Addressing academics at the University of Regensburg on Tuesday, the pope quoted a 14th-century Byzantine emperor.


・address ... …(人)に演説する、…(場所)で演説する、…に取り組む、立ち向かう
・academic 大学の教職員、学者

Benedict said the emperor spoke of the issue of jihad saying "Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman."


・evil 邪悪な
・inhuman 冷酷な

Anger at these comments has been building in the Islamic world. Muslim scholars say the pope's remarks show how little he understands Islam.


・scholoar 学者
・remark 意見、見解

Some have said Islamic countries should break off relations with the Vatican.


トルコでは、与党議員が「法王は十字軍の精神をよみがえらせようとしている」と非難し、「ヒトラーやムッソリーニのような指導者と“同類”だ」と述べました(In Turkey, a ruling party official accused the pope of trying to revive the spirit of the crusades, and said the pope is "in the same category" as leaders like Hitler and Mussolini)。

トルコ政府宗教局の最高指導者は法王に対し、謝罪を求めています(The country's top Islamic cleric called for an apology)。

11月には法王のトルコ訪問が予定されていますが、発言による関係悪化で緊張が走っています(The matter has raised tensions between the Vatican and Turkey ahead of the pope's planned visit there in November)。

エジプトでは、100人のデモ隊がカイロのアル・アズハル・モスク郊外に集結しました(In Egypt, about 100 demonstrators gathered in an anti-Vatican protest outside Cairo's al-Azhar Mosque)。

また、パキスタンでは、同国議会が法王のイスラム教に対する“侮辱的な”発言の撤回を求める非難決議を全会一致で採択しました(And in Pakistan, the parliament unanimously adopted a resolution condemning the pope for making what it called "derogatory" comments about Islam)。

14日、ベネディクト16世がドイツ南部バイエルン州の6日間の訪問を終えた直後に、フェデリコ・ロンバルディ報道官は声明で「法王はジハードについて深く踏み込むつもりはなく、イスラム教徒の感情を害するつもりでもなかった」と伝えました(As soon as Pope Benedict had returned from his six-day visit to the southern German state of Bavaria on Thursday, Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi, said, "It certainly wasn't the intention of the pope to carry out a deep examination of jihad and on Muslim thought on it, much less to offend the sensibility of Muslim believers")。

ロンバルディ報道官は「法王はイスラム教を尊重している」と述べました(Father Lombardi said the pope respects Islam)。
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Canadian Officials Search for Motive in Deadly College Shooting

・motive 動機



Canadian authorities are searching for a motive behind the shooting rampage Wednesday at a college in Montreal that left one person dead and 19 others wounded.


・authority (通例 the authorities)当局
・rampage 凶暴な行動

Police shot and killed the gunman. They identify him as 25-year-old Kimveer Gill.



Witnesses of the midday attack at Dawson College say Gill was dressed in a black trench coat and began shooting outside the school. They say he then entered a cafeteria, and continued shooting at random.


・at random 手当たり次第に

Authorities say they believe Gill acted alone, and that racism or terrorism did not play a role in the attack.


・racism 人種差別

ギル容疑者は自分のブログに、1999年に発生した米コロラド州コロンバイン高校での銃乱射事件を模倣したコンピュータゲームが好きだと書き込んでいました(The online postings tied to Gill say he liked to play a video game that simulated the 1999 Columbine school shootings in the U.S. state of Colorado)。

コロンバイン高校の銃乱射事件では、男子生徒2人が黒のトレンチコートを身にまとい、13人を銃で殺害し、2人はその後、自殺しました(Two students in black trench coats killed 13 people in that attack before turning the guns on themselves)。

モントリオールでは、1989年12月にも理工科の学校で14人が死亡した乱射事件が発生しており、犯人はその場で自殺しました(Montreal was the scene of another school shooting in December 1989, when a man opened fire at Ecole Polytechnique and killed 14 women. He then committed suicide)。
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ICBL「地雷の死傷者は7328人以上」 2006年版の報告書

Landmine Monitor Reports Dramatic Progress

・landmine (or mine) 地雷


非政府組織(NGO=nongovernmental organization)・地雷禁止国際キャンペーン(ICBL=International Campaign to Ban Landmines)は、2005年の地雷死傷者は7328人以上に上ったとの2006年版年次報告書を発表しました。

The International Campaign to Ban Landmines reports dramatic progress in de-mining around the world. But landmines still inflict a terrible toll in 58 countries worldwide, says the campaign group in its annual survey that was released in Geneva on Wednesday.


・de-mining (or demining) 地雷除去
・inflict ... …(打撃)を加える
・toll 損害
・Geneva ジュネーブ ※発音注意

The International Campaign to Ban Landmines report for 2006, released Wednesday, says that mine casualties occurred in 58 countries last year.


Casualties from mines and explosive remnants rose 11 percent to more than 7,328, a number the report admits is probably less than half the real total. The highest number of casualties, more than 1,100, was recorded in Colombia.


・casualty 死傷者
・explosive 爆発性の、爆発物
・remnant 残り、残物



At Least 51 Killed in Stampede at Yemen Election Rally

・stampede どっと押し寄せること
・Yemen イエメン ※「イエメンの」は「Yemeni」
・rally 集会



Yemeni officials say at least 51 people were crushed to death and more than 200 wounded in a stampede at an election rally for President Ali Abdullah Saleh.


・official 関係者、当局者
・crush ... …を押しつぶす ※「be crushed to death」で「圧死する」

Witnesses say the stampede began Tuesday after the president finished speaking at a stadium in the southern province of Ibb.


・witness 目撃者

Reporters say more than 100,000 people had gathered inside the stadium and a larger number were on the streets around the building.


イエメンでは来週の20日に大統領選挙と議会選挙が行われる予定となっています(Yemen is to hold presidential and local council elections next week September 20)。
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Palestinian Factions Agree on Unity Government

・Palestinian パレスチナの ※「パレスチナ」は「Palestine」
・faction 党派、派閥
・unity 団結、一致



The two main Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah have agreed to form a coalition government.


・coalition 連合、連立

VOA's Jim Teeple reports from Jerusalem that Israeli officials say if a new Palestinian government meets international demands for the recognition of Israel, and ending violence, the Middle East peace process could be revitalized.


・Jerusalem エルサレム。イスラエルの首都 ※発音注意、つづり注意
・Israeli イスラエルの ※「イスラエル」は「Israel」
・meet ... …(要求など)を満たす
・recognition 承認、認可
・Middle East 中東
・revitalize ... …に新しい活力を与える、…を復興させる

After months of fitful negotiations, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah, and Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas, agreed to set aside their differences and form a coalition government to rule the Palestinian territories.


・fitful 断続的な
・negotiation 交渉
・rule ... …を統治する

Fatah and Hamas have been feuding, sometimes violently, for months - since Hamas won Palestinian parliamentary elections in January, ending the Fatah grip on power in the Palestinian territories.


・feud 長い間反目する
・grip 統制、支配
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Americans Mark 5th Anniversary of Terror Attacks

・mark ... …を記念する
・... anniversary …周年記念日
・terror テロ(行為)



Americans are marking the fifth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks Monday, by observing moments of silence and reading the names of the victims.


・observe ... …を祝う、挙行する
・moment of silence 黙とうの時間
・victim 犠牲者、被害者

President Bush joined firefighters and police officers at a firehouse in New York City. The group bowed their heads and paused in silence twice, at the exact times hijackers crashed two airliners into the World Trade Center, destroyed the famous twin towers.


・firefighter 消防士
・police officer 警察官
・firehouse(=fire station) 消防署

Bagpipes played at Ground Zero, the barren pit where the tall towers once stood. Spouses and partners of the 2,749 people killed in the towers read each one of the victims' names, one at a time. Other family members gathered to listen, many holding photographs of their loved ones and bouquets of flowers.


・bagpipe バグパイプ
・barren 不毛な
・pit 穴、くぼみ
・spouse 配偶者
・at a time 一度に、同時に
・bouquet 花束

Later Monday, Mr. Bush will also participate in ceremonies at the Pentagon near the nation's capital, hit by another airliner, and in an empty field (near Pittsburgh) in Pennsylvania, where a fourth hijacked jet crashed after passengers tried to overpower their captors.


・participate in ... …に参加する、加わる
・ceremony 式典
・Pentagon 米国防省(=Department of Defense)
・airliner 定期旅客機
・empty あいている
・crash 衝突する、墜落する
・passenger 乗客、船客
・overpower ... …を圧服する
・captor 捕獲者

この一連の攻撃により、4時間余りの時間で3000人近くの人々が死亡しました(The attacks killed nearly three thousand people within a few hours, making them the deadliest on American soil)。

9月11日の同時多発テロの犠牲者を悼む式典は11日、全米中、そしてロシアや英国を含む他の国々でも行われている(Memorial observances for the September 11 victims are also being held across the United States and in other countries Monday, including Russia and Great Britain.
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Japan Launches Third Spy Satellite to Watch Over North Korea

・launch ... …(ミサイルなど)を発射する
・satellite 衛星、(人工)衛星


情報収集衛星を搭載した「H2A」ロケット10号機が11日13時35分、鹿児島県の宇宙航空研究開発機構(JAXA=Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)種子島宇宙センターから打ち上げられ、衛星を予定の軌道にのせることに成功しました。

Japan has launched its third spy satellite into orbit. Like the first two, this one is intended primarily to monitor activities in North Korea.


・orbit 軌道
・primarily 主として
・monitor ... …を監視する

The Japanese satellite went into orbit aboard a rocket launched from the Tanegashima Space Center in southern Japan. The launch had been scheduled for Sunday, but was delayed because of weather conditions.


Government officials say the optical satellite will give Japan the ability to monitor any point on the planet once a day. Japanese satellites have lower resolution than the U.S. versions, but reportedly can still see items that are quite small.


・official 関係者、当局者
・optical 光学(上)の
・planet 惑星
・resolution 分解、解像
・reportedly 伝えられるところによれば
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Tennis: Sharapova Wins US Open

★テーマ「全米オープン、女子シングルス決勝 マリア・シャラポワが優勝」


Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova has won the U.S. Open women's championship in New York, for her second career major title.


・Russian ロシアの

The third-seeded Sharapova upset world number two and five-time Grand Slam champion Justine Henin-Hardenne of Belgium, 6-4, 6-4, in Saturday's final. Sharapova called her victory "an amazing honor."


・upset ... …を打ち負かす
・Belgium ベルギー ※「ベルギーの」は「Belgian」

シャラポワが初のビッグタイトルを手にしたのはロンドンで行われた2004年のウィンブルドンでの優勝。彼女は当時わずか17歳でした(Maria's other major win came in 2004 at Wimbledon in London when she was only 17 years old)。

今年、すべての4大大会でファイナルに進出したエナン・アーデンは、2003年の全米オープンで優勝しています(Henin-Hardenne, who played in all four Grand Slam finals this year, last won the U.S. Open in 2003)。
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