Vatican Protests Concentration of Chinese Bishop

・concentration 集中
・bishop 司教



The Roman Catholic Church is asking China to suspend the consecration of a bishop approved by the state-controlled church but not by the Vatican.


・suspend ... …停止する
・consecration 叙階(式)
・approve ... …を認可する
・Vatican バチカン、ローマ法王庁

Father Ma Yingling has been appointed bishop of the Kunming diocese by the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association and is scheduled to be consecrated on Sunday.


・Father 神父
・Kunming 昆明。中国雲南省の省都
・diocese 教区

中国側はローマ法王庁が台湾との関係を絶つことを要求し、ローマ法王庁は司教任命権はローマ法王のみが持つものであると主張しています(China has demanded the Vatican cut ties with Taiwan, while the Roman Catholic Church insists on the right to appoint bishops)。

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Japan, US Increase Pressure on North Korea Over Abductions

・abduction 誘拐、拉致



Japan and the United States are trying to increase pressure on North Korea to provide full details about the fate of Japanese abducted by Pyongyang during the Cold War.


・detail 詳細
・Pyongyang 平壌、ピョンヤン。北朝鮮の首都
・Cold War 冷戦

The pressure here came Friday in the form of sanctions legislation submitted to parliament by Japan's governing Liberal Democratic Party.


・sanction 制裁
・legislation 法律
・submit ... …を提出する
・parliament 議会
・Liberal Democratic Party 自由民主党、自民党(=LDP)

自民党の逢沢一郎幹事長代理は、この法案は北朝鮮政府が1970年代から80年代に工作員によって拉致された日本人の安否に関して、実態解明の動きがなければ、制裁措置を取ると定めたものである、と述べました(LDP acting secretary-general, Ichiro Aisawa, says the bill mandates sanctions on Pyongyang unless it resolves the issue of the fate of Japanese who were kidnapped by North Korean agents in the 1970's and '80's)。
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Football: Zidane to Retire After World Cup



French international football (soccer) star Zinedine Zidane says that he has decided to retire after the World Cup because he is no longer playing up to his own standards.


The 33-year-old midfielder had one year left on his contract but said that he did not want to stay with the Spanish club.


・contract 契約

マルセイユで生まれたジダン選手は「ジズー」という愛称で親しまれ、卓越したボールコントロールで16年にわたってファンを魅了してきました。ジダン選手はボルドーをUEFAカップ決勝に導き、その後、1996年にイタリアのユベントスに移籍しました(The Marseille-born star, known as "Zizou," has delighted fans for 16 years with his ball handling skills. He helped lead Bordeaux to the UEFA Cup final, and transferred to the Italian club Juventus in 1996)。

ジダン選手は、2001年に移籍金6300万ドル(約81億円)でスペインのレアル・マドリードに移籍し、このチームに9つのヨーロッパタイトルをもたらしました(He moved to Madrid in 2001 for a record $63 million transfer fee and helped the Spanish club win its ninth European title)。

3度のFIFA最優秀選手賞に輝き、国際試合で28のゴールをあげています。1998年のW杯フランス大会では、自国の優勝に大きく貢献しました。2004年にフランス代表を退きましたが、W杯ドイツ大会予選で代表に復帰しました(A three-time FIFA player of the year, Zidane has scored 28 international goals during his career and helped lead France to the 1998 World Cup title. He retired from international football in 2004 but returned to help France qualify for this year's World Cup in Germany)。
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Nepal's King Agrees to Restore Parliament

・Nepal ネパール
・restore ... …を復活させる
・parliament 議会



In a major capitulation, Nepal's King Gyanendra has agreed to restore parliament - a key demand made by pro-democracy protesters, who had been demonstrating in the streets of the capital for nearly three weeks.


・capitulation 降伏、屈伏

Opposition leaders welcomed the announcement, and may call off a massive demonstration planned for Tuesday.

・call off ... (or call ... off) …を中止する

下院復活は反対派の主要7政党指導者らが訴えてきたことでした。国営のテレビ放送で24日夜、ギャネンドラ国王は下院復活を表明しました(It was the move Nepal's opposition leaders had been fighting for. Speaking on state television late Monday, King Gyanendra announced parliament would be restored)。
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South Korean President Warns Japan Over Island Dispute

・South Korean 韓国の
・dispute 議論、論争



South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun has accused Japan of clinging to what he called a "dark nostalgia" for its imperial past. In a television address, he warned if Japan did not relinquish its claims to a disputed set of islands, it would be endangering peace in East Asia.


・cling to ... …に執着する、固執する
・imperial 帝国の
・address 演説
・relinquish ... …を放棄する
・endanger ... …を危険にさらす、危うくする

土壇場での外交によって日韓両政府の対立が避けられた数日後の25日、盧武鉉大統領は、竹島の領有権を日本が言うのは不当と断じました(Just days after last-minute diplomacy prevented a possible confrontation at sea between South Korean and Japanese vessels, South President Roh Moo-hyun on Tuesday issued a blunt warning to Tokyo)。

盧武鉉大統領の声明に対して、小泉純一郎首相は同日、関係修復のために首脳会談を行うことを求めました(In response to Mr. Roh's speech, Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi called for a summit Tuesday between the two countries to smooth relations)。
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Iraqi President Names Prime Minister Designate

・Iraqi イラクの



Iraqi President Jalal Talabani has designated Jawad al-Maliki, a Shi'ite, as prime minister and asked him to form a government.


・Shi'ite(or Shiite) シーア派の信徒、シーア派の

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Saturday commended the move, calling it an "important milestone" in the formation of a permanent government.


・Secretary of State (米)国務長官
・commend ... …を称賛する
・milestone 画期的な出来事
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竹島領有権問題 日韓、交渉の決裂回避

Last Minute Diplomacy Averts Standoff Between South Korea, Japan

・last minute 土壇場の、最後の瞬間の
・diplomacy 外交
・avert ... …を避ける
・standoff 行き詰まり



Senior envoys from Japan and South Korea have resolved the latest flare-up in a decades-long dispute over islands that both nations claim. Japan says it will drop its plan to conduct a scientific survey near the islands, which had prompted an emotional reaction in South Korea. The South Koreans made concessions, as well.


・senior 上位の、高位の
・envoy 使節、使者、外交官
・resolve ... …を決議する、解決する
・flare-up ぱっと燃え上がること、激発
・concession 譲歩、容認

Japanese Vice Foreign Minister Shotaro Yachi and his South Korean counterpart, Yu Myung-hwan, succeeded in defusing a tense confrontation after a long day of talks Saturday.


・counterpart 相当するもの、人
・defuse ... …を静める、和らげる
・tense 緊迫した、張り詰めた
・confrontation 対決、衝突

柳明桓第1次官は報道陣に対し、日本側が小さな島である竹島周辺の海洋調査を取り下げたと発表しました。竹島は両国がその領有権を主張しています(Yu told reporters, Japan has decided to cancel plans to conduct a scientific survey near tiny islands, over which both countries claim sovereignty)。

同第1次官は、日本側の歩み寄りに対し、韓国側は竹島周辺の海底地形を韓国名に変更する提案を延期すると語りました(He says, in exchange for Japan's conciliation, South Korea will delay a proposal to give Korean names to ocean features near the islands)。

韓国政府は、6月に開かれる国際会議で竹島周辺の海底地形を韓国名に変更する提案を行おうとしていました(Seoul was planning to propose those new names at an international conference in June)。
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Police, Protesters Clash in Nepal as Demonstrations Enter 18th Day

・clash 衝突する
・Nepal ネパール



Nepalese police have fired rubber bullets and tear-gas in clashes with protesters in the capital Kathmandu during the 18th straight day of demonstrations against the government of King Gyanendra. At least two people have been injured.


・fire ... …を発砲する
・rubber bullet
・tear-gas 催涙ガス
・straight 連続した

As protesters threw stones at them, about 25 police knelt on the ground behind plastic shields.


・throw ... …を投げる
・kneel ひざまずく

デモ隊の一部は野党連合の主要7政党によって組織されたもの。この7政党はギャネンドラ国王が議会を解散した時に政権から追い出されました(The demonstrations are organized in part by the Seven Party Alliance, a coalition of opposition parties forced out of government when the king dismissed parliament)。
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Britain's Queen Elizabeth II Turns 80



An estimated 20,000 people cheered Queen Elizabeth II as she appeared outside Windsor Castle in a pink suit and hat on her 80th birthday.


・an estimated ... およそ…
・cheer ... …にかっさいする

A military band played as the crowd launched into an impromptu rendition of the traditional song "Happy Birthday to You.


・military 軍、軍隊
・launch into ... …を始める
・impromptu 即興の
・rendition 演奏、演出

Meanwhile, a 41-gun salute echoed through in London's Hyde Park. A formal dinner for the royal family hosted by the queen's son, Prince Charles, at a palace in the city's Kew Gardens is capping off the evening.


・salute 敬礼、礼砲
・gun salute 祝砲
・echo 反響する、鳴り響く
・royal family 王室、皇室
・host ... …を主催する
・cap 締めくくる

バッキンガム宮殿の発表によると、エリザベス女王は世界中の人々から、3万7000通ものバースデーカードやメールによるメッセージを受け取ったとのことです。エリザベス女王は声明で、これらメッセージにとても感銘を受けましたと発表しました(Buckingham Palace says Queen Elizabeth has received 37,000 birthday cards and e-mails from around the world. She issued a statement saying she is very touched by the messages)。

父のジョージ6世が死去した1952年より女王に即位しました(Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth in 1952, when her father, King George VI, died)。
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Japan Sends Envoy to South Korea to Discuss Island Dispute

・envoy 使節、使者、外交官
・dispute 議論、論争



A senior Japanese envoy is meeting South Korean officials in Seoul in an attempt to resolve a worsening dispute over an island chain both countries claim.


・senior 上位の、高位の
・official (政府)高官、関係者、当局者
・Seoul ソウル。韓国の首都 ※つづり注意
・resolve ... …を決議する、解決する

South Korea says it hopes to avoid the use of force but says it is ready for "all scenarios" in its determination to stop Japan from conducting a controversial ocean survey.


・conduct ... …(研究・調査など)を行う
・controversial 議論を呼ぶ

韓国・外交通商省の柳明桓(ユ・ミョンファン)第1次官は、21日にソウルに到着した外務省の谷内正太郎事務次官と夕方、会談を行いました(South Korean Vice Foreign Minister Yu Myung-Hwan met Friday evening with his Japanese counterpart, Shotaro Yachi, who arrived in Seoul earlier in the day. Yu said Friday South Korea wants to avoid a confrontation but cannot run away from the problem)。

日本側は、対話が行われている間は竹島周辺の測量調査を実施しないとの見解を示しました。竹島は日韓両政府が領有権を主張しています(Japan says that while talks are going on, it will postpone plans to conduct a scientific survey near the tiny islands, which South Korea controls, but Tokyo also claims)。
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胡錦濤国家主席、訪米 ブッシュ米大統領と会談

Chinese President Ends His White House Talks With Bush

・Chinese President 中国国家主席



President Bush and Chinese President Hu Jintao have completed their first White House summit.


・summit 最高首脳会議、トップ交渉

There was a wide agenda for the Chinese leader's first White House summit. But when reporters were brought in at the end of the talks it became clear that no significant progress was made.


・agenda 議題、政策

There was no new announcement on how to ease the stunning imbalance in U.S. China trade, nor did the Chinese leader indicate any new steps to counter American criticism of China's human rights record.


・stunning びっくりさせる
・imbalance 不均衡
・counter ... …を反駁する
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Pope Celebrates First Anniversary

・Pope ローマ法王
・celebrate ... …を祝う
・... anniversary …周年記念日



Pope Benedict XVI is marking the first anniversary of his pontificate.


・mark ... …を記念する
・pontificate 教皇位

Cheers and yells echoed around Saint Peter's Square on Wednesday during the Pope Benedict's weekly general audience, which coincided with the first anniversary of his election as pontiff. "How time flies," the pope told 60,000 pilgrims gathered in the square.


・cheer かっさい
・yell 叫び声
・echo 反響する、鳴り響く
・Saint Peter's Square サンピエトロ広場
・audience 聴衆、観衆
・coincide with ... …と一致する
・pontiff ローマ教皇
・pilgrim 巡礼者
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Japan's Livedoor Delisted From Tokyo Stock Exchange

・delist ... …を目録から削除する
・Tokyo Stock Exchange 東京証券取引所、東証(=TSE)



Japanese Internet company Livedoor was delisted from the Tokyo Stock Exchange Friday, three months after it was implicated in a fraud scandal that rattled Japan's financial markets.


・implicate ... …を巻き込む、…への関わりを示す
・fraud 詐欺
・rattle ... …を混乱させる

Livedoor shares ended their final day of trading at 94 yen, a huge drop from nearly 700 yen in January, before the scandal broke.

・share 株


東京地検が同じ1月、ライブドア経営幹部が経済損失を隠ぺいし、虚偽の報告をしたという疑いで本社に強制捜査に入りました(Japanese prosecutors raided Livedoor's Tokyo headquarters in January on suspicion that company executives falsely reported profits to conceal financial losses)。
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Chad President Breaks Diplomatic Ties With Sudan

・Chad チャド。アフリカ中央部の国
・diplomatic tie (diplomatic tiesで)外交関係、国交
・Sudan スーダン。アフリカ大陸で最大の面積をもつ



Chadian President Idriss Deby announced Friday that his country was cutting diplomatic ties with Sudan, which he claims is backing a rebel group seeking to overthrow him.


・Chadian チャドの
・back ... …を支援する
・rebel 反逆者、反乱軍兵士
・overthrow ... …をくつがえす、転覆させる

Chadian President Idriss Deby announced Friday that his country is cutting ties with Sudan and kicking out Sudanese diplomats. He also threatened to expel the 200,000 refugees from Sudan's Darfur crisis.


・kick out ... (or kick ... out) …を追い出す
・Sudanese スーダンの
・diplomat 外交官
・threaten to ... …の恐れがある、…するぞと脅す
・expel ... …を追い出す
・refugee 難民
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Italian Police Arrest Mafia's 'Boss of Bosses'



Italian police have arrested Bernardo Provenzano, known as the Mafia's boss of bosses. Provenzano was Italy's most wanted man, and has been on the run for more than 40 years.


・wanted 指名手配されている
・on the run 逃亡して

He had been on the run for 43 years. Bernardo Provenzano, the purported chief of the Sicilian mafia, was arrested in a farmhouse near the town of Corleone, in Sicily.


・purport ... (しばしば偽って)…であると称する
・farmhouse 農家

警察が持っていたプロベンツァーノ被告の写真は1959年のもので、同氏が25歳の時のもの。当局は外見についてはそれ以上の情報を持っていませんでしたが、DNA検査で同一人物ということが確認されました(The last picture police had of Provenzano was taken in 1959 when he was 25. Authorities say they no longer knew what he looked like, but confirmed his identity with a DNA test)。
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Official Vote Count Shows Prodi Victory in Italian Elections

・vote 投票



Official results in the Italian general election show center-left challenger Romano Prodi won enough seats in both houses of parliament to form a government. But Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi refused to concede defeat, citing irregularities.


・general election 総選挙
・center-left 中道左派の
・seat 議席
・concede ... …(相手の勝利など)を(公式に確認される前に)認める
・defeat 敗北
・irregularity 不正行為

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said his center-left challenger Romano Prodi was irresponsible in claiming victory in the Italian elections before a full count of the votes.


・claim ... …を主張する、…を達成する

Prodi said he had won the poll earlier Tuesday before final figures were in for the upper house, and announced his coalition could govern for five years.


・poll 投票、選挙
・upper house 上院
・coalition 連合、連立

プロディ氏は、米国主導のイラク介入に強く反対しており、同氏の言葉で言えば、「米国との建設的な関係」を築くことを望んでいます。ベルルスコーニ首相はイラク戦争を肯定しており、サダム・フセイン追放後も、3000の軍隊を同国に派遣しています(Prodi, who strongly opposed the U.S.-led war in Iraq, said he supports what he called "constructive relations with the United States." Prime Minister Berlusconi has been a strong supporter of the Iraq war and, following the ouster of Saddam Hussein, sent 3,000 troops to Iraq)。

11日朝、内務省がプロディ氏率いる中道左派連合が上下両院で勝利を収めたと発表しましたが、ベルルスコーニ氏は敗北を認めていません(On Tuesday evening, the Interior Ministry showed Prodi's center-left bloc winning a majority in both houses of parliament. But Mr. Berlusconi refused to concede defeat)。
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Iran Vows Not to Halt Nuclear Enrichment

・vow to ... …することを誓う、明言する
・halt ... …を中止させる、やめさせる
・nuclear 原子力の
・enrichment 濃縮



Iran's president says he will not halt his country's uranium enrichment program, despite international pressure to do so. U.N. Nuclear Chief Mohamed ElBaradei is in Tehran for talks aimed at defusing tension over the nuclear program.


・uranium ウラン
・Tehran(or Teheran) テヘラン。イランの首都
・defuse ... …を静める、和らげる

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he would ignore international calls to freeze Iran's uranium enrichment program. He said the world will have to deal with Iran from now on as a nuclear power.


・freeze ... …を凍結する
・from now on 今後は

International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei told reporters there is still time for a negotiated solution to the standoff.


・International Atomic Energy Agency(=IAEA) 国際原子力機関
・standoff 行き詰まり

イラン政府は11日、原子力発電所の燃料に必要なレベルの濃縮ウラン製造に初めて成功したと発表しました(Iran announced Tuesday that it has successfully enriched uranium to the level needed for nuclear power plants)。

関係者によると、遠心分離器164基が現在稼動しており、年末までには3000基に拡張する計画が進行中とのこと(Officials say they are currently using 164 gas centrifuges, but plan to expand the program to 3,000 centrifuges by the end of the year)。

イラン政府のこの声明について、欧州諸国、米国、ロシア、中国政府は非難の意を示しています(Iran's latest announcement has drawn criticism from Europe, the United States, Russia and China)。
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Chad Claims Victory Over Rebels in Capital

・Chad チャド。アフリカ中央部の国
・claim ... …を主張する、…を達成する
・rebel 反逆者、反乱軍兵士


アフリカ・チャドにおいて、5月の大統領選を前にして、反政府勢力「変化への統一戦線(FUC=United Front for Change)」が首都ヌジャメナに進撃し、政府軍と銃撃戦を展開しました。

Rebels seeking to overthrow Chad's president have attacked the capital. President Idriss Deby has said his forces have successfully repelled the attack, but the situation in the city remains tense.


・overthrow ... …をくつがえす、転覆させる
・force 軍隊
・repel ... …を追い返す、撃退する

Residents of the Chadian capital, Ndjamena, were woken up by the sound of gunfire early this morning, says journalist Evariste Ngaralbaye.


・Chadian チャドの
・gunfire 発砲、銃撃

ヌガラルバイエ氏によると、この小銃と重火器による攻撃は朝の5時頃から始まりました(The attack began around five in the morning, he says, with both small and heavy arms fire in the city)。

フランスのラジオ放送によると、イドリス・デビ大統領は、FUCによる攻撃が早朝から始まったが、政府軍がFUCの部隊を完全に撃退したと発表しました(Speaking to French radio, President Idriss Deby said rebel forces from the United Front for Change had attacked before dawn. Government forces responded, he said, completely destroying a column of rebel fighters)。

「変化への統一戦線(FUC)」は、5月初期の大統領選挙を前にデビ大統領転覆を狙った反政府勢力の1グループ(The United Front for Change, a group of several rebel movements, has vowed to topple Mr. Deby before elections scheduled for early May)。

フランスは1200人の兵士をチャドに常時配備しており、治安状況が悪化したため、今週駐留部隊を150人以上増やしていました(France has about 1,200 troops permanently in Chad. It sent 150 more soldiers earlier this week as the security situation worsened)。

フランス政府は、この交戦に中立の立場を示していて、デビ大統領もフランス軍は関与していないと述べています(France says it has no intention of participating in the fighting, and President Deby said the French military had not been involved)。

しかしながらヌガラルバイエ氏は、首都でフランス軍を確認しています(But journalist Ngaralbaye says the French army presence is visible in the capital)。

「今朝、フランスのミラージュ空軍機が上空を飛んでいた」と語り、フランスのヘリコプターが首都ヌジャネマ上空の哨戒を続けており、反政府勢力の部隊の動きを監視しています("This morning a French Mirage fighter jet over flew the city," he said. French helicopters continue to patrol the skies above Ndjamena keeping an eye on rebel positions)。
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Iran Says US Waging Psychological Warfare in Nuclear Dispute

・wage ... …(戦争・議論など)を行う、する
・psychological 心理学的な
・warfare 戦争状態、交戦
・psychological warfare 神経戦
・nuclear 原子力の
・dispute 議論、論争



Iran is accusing the United States of waging psychological warfare, following media reports saying the Bush administration is studying options for military strikes to force Tehran to abandon its nuclear program.


・military strike 武力攻撃
・Tehran(or Teheran) テヘラン。イランの首都
・abandon ... …をやめる、断念する

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said any U.S. plans stem from America's "anger and helplessness."


・stem from ... …から生じる、由来する
・helplessness 無力

米紙『ワシントンポスト』の9日の日曜版では、現役やOBの国防省高官が、イランの核開発をやめさせるための強行外交手段のひとつとして、米政府が武力攻撃を視野に入れていると語っています(In today's Sunday's editions, The Washington Post newspaper quotes current and former U.S. defense officials as saying a Pentagon study of military options is part of a coercive diplomacy to get Iran to end its nuclear fuel program. The report also says no U.S. attack appears likely in the short term)。

『ニューヨーカー』誌では、匿名の情報筋の話として、ブッシュ政権がイラン空爆を計画していて、イラン国内において秘密裏の活動が頻繁に行われている、と掲載されています(In a separate report citing unnamed sources, The New Yorker magazine says the Bush administration has increased clandestine activities inside Iran as well as planning for possible air strikes)。
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Chirac Throws Out Unpopular French Youth Jobs Law

・throw out ... (or throw ... out) …を捨てる、却下する


フランスのジャック・シラク大統領は、26歳未満の人を雇えば試用期間の2年間は理由なく解雇できるといった若者向け「初期雇用契約(CPE=Contrat Premiere Embauche)」の法案を31日、署名しました。しかしながら10日、この法案を撤回し、代替法案を導入する方針を明らかにしました。しかしながら、労働組合と学生らは代替法案が可決されるまで警戒態勢を崩さない構えをみせています。

French unions and students still plan to hold nationwide marches Tuesday even after President Jacques Chirac threw out the controversial youth jobs law.


・union (労働)組合(=labor union、trade union)
・hold ... …(会、式など)を行う
・nationwide 全国的な
・march (デモ)行進する
・controversial 議論を呼ぶ

Student leaders call Mr. Chirac's decision a victory, but say they must stay vigilant until parliament passes a replacement law.


・call ... ~ …を〜だとみなす
・vigilant 警戒をおこたらない
・parliament 議会
・pass ... …を可決する
・replacement 取り替え

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, who pushed the old law through parliament, says the new bill would include financial aid to employers who hire disadvantaged youths.


・push ... through ~ …を〜に(強引に)通過させる
・bill 法案
・financial 財政上の
・aid 援助
・employer 雇い主
・hire ... …を雇う
・disadvantaged (社会・経済的に)不利な、恵まれない

He said the old bill was aimed at cutting youth unemployment, but was misunderstood.


・aim ... at ~ …を〜に向ける
・unemployment 失業(状態)
・misunderstand ... …を誤解する

撤回された法案は、企業が2年間の試用期間を設けて若者を雇うことができるといったものでした。しかしながら、理由を説明することなく企業主が解雇できるものだとして非難の声が上がっていました(It would have allowed companies to hire young workers for a two-year probationary period. But opponents said it would have let bosses fire them for no reason)。

この法案によって、何週間もの間、労働ストや学生の抗議運動が展開され、一部の人々は暴徒化しました(The law triggered weeks of labor strikes and student protests, some of which turned violent)。

フランスは、欧州の中でも失業率の高い国のひとつ。およそ10%の失業率を記録していて、26歳未満の若者の失業率は22%にものぼっています(France has one of Europe's highest rates of unemployment at about 10 percent, and 22 percent for workers under the age of 26)。
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