World Celebrates Mozart's 250th Birthday

・celebrate ... …を祝う



The world is celebrating the 250th birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the Austrian composer whose legacy of more than 630 works is considered virtually without parallel.


・Austrian オーストリアの ※Austria オーストリア
・composer 作曲家
・legacy 遺産、遺物
・work 作品
・virtually 事実上、ほとんど
・without parallel 類のない

Concerts featuring his music began Friday in Sydney, Australia and moved westward with the sun around the world. But nowhere were the celebrations more intense or elaborate than in his birthplace, Salzburg, which is decked out with posters and is echoing with Mozart's music - both live and recorded.


・feature ... …を呼び物にする
・Australia オーストラリア ※つづり注意
・westward 西へ
・celebration 祝賀、式典
・intense 熱烈な
・elaborate 念入りの
・be decked out with ... …で飾り立てられる
・echo 反響する、鳴り響く


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Kaczynski: Roof Collapse Democratic Poland's Worst Tragedy

・roof 屋根
・collapse 崩壊
・Poland ポーランド
・tragedy 悲劇



Polish President Lech Kaczynski has called the roof collapse at an exhibition hall the worst tragedy to strike post-communist Poland.


・Polish ポーランドの
・exhibition hall 展示会場
・strike ... …を襲う

Sixty-six people were killed and at least 141 others injured when the roof of an exhibition hall in the city of Katowice caved in Saturday evening.


・cave (屋根・天井などが)崩れ落ちる

The hall was hosting a pigeon racing exhibition and a number of foreigners are among the victims.


・host ... …を主催する
・pigeon ハト
・victim 犠牲者、被害者

カチンスキ大統領は3日間の服喪を行うことを発表し、30日に予定していたチェコ訪問を中止しました(President Kaczynski declared three days of mourning and has canceled Monday's scheduled visit to the Czech Republic)。

ローマ法王、ベネディクト16世やロシアのウラジーミル・プーチン大統領が弔意のメッセージを送りました(Pope Benedict and Russian President Vladimir Putin have sent messages of condolences)。

ポーランド当局は、がれきの下にはこれ以上の生存者はいないだろうとの見方を示しました。Polish authorities say they do not expect to find any more survivors in the wreckage.

屋根に積もった雪の重みが原因とみられています(They say heavy snow piled on the roof may have contributed to the collapse)。

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Lunar New Year Begins Sunday

・lunar new year (or Chinese new year) 旧正月。春節



People in China, Korea, Vietnam and elsewhere are preparing to celebrate the lunar new year, which begins on Sunday with the first new moon.


・celebrate ... …を祝う

The 15-day holiday, also known as the Spring Festival, is the single most important holiday for Chinese people. It is a time of renewal, family gatherings, eating rich foods and paying respect to your ancestors and elders.


・gathering 集まり
・pay respect to ... …に敬意を表する
・ancestor 先祖

Each lunar new year is named for one of the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. This will be the Year of the Dog.


・sign 干支(の一つ)
・zodiac 干支

家庭では厄除けとしての意味もある家の大掃除をしたり、花や、幸運を呼ぶメッセージが書かれたものが飾られます(Families prepare by doing a ritual housecleaning, which includes certain traditions meant to ward off bad luck. Houses are decorated with flower blossoms and messages of good luck)。

春節は花火(爆竹)や路上での式典で祝ったり、お金が入った赤い封筒(紅包)を贈ったりします。また今年は「戌」年にあたるので、犬が人気のある贈り物になるとみられています(The new year is then welcomed in with fireworks, street celebrations and gifts of money in red envelopes. Also this year, dogs are expected to be popular gifts)。

ベトナムでは旧正月は「テト」と呼ばれていて、当局の報道によれば、休日前に同国を訪れる外国人旅行客は30%も増加します(In Vietnam, the new year is known as "Tet." This year, the official media reported a 30-percent increase in the number of foreign tourists arriving in Vietnam just before the holiday)。
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Hamas Wins Majority of Palestinian Parliament Seats

・Hamas イスラム過激派組織ハマス(パレスチナ占領地で、イスラエルに対する抵抗活動を行うスンニ派のイスラム原理主義組織
・Palestinian パレスチナの ※Palestine パレスチナ



The radical Islamic group Hamas has won a stunning victory in Palestinian parliamentary elections that gave it a decisive majority in the legislature.


・radical 過激な、急進派の
・Islamic イスラムの、イスラム教の
・stunning びっくりさせる
・decisive 決定的な
・legislature 議会

Election officials say Hamas won 76 of the 132 seats in parliament, while the Fatah party, which has dominated Palestinian politics for decades, secured only 43.


・decade 10年間
・secure ... …を確保する

The Hamas victory ends Fatah's rule of the Palestinian Authority and severely complicates efforts to restart the stalled peace process with Israel.


・complicate ... …を複雑にする、困難にする
・stall ... …を行き詰らせる
・Israel イスラエル

米国、EU、そしてイスラエル政府はハマスをテロ組織として分類してきました(The United States, European Union and Israel classify Hamas as a terrorist organization)。

ブッシュ米大統領はハマスが武装路線の放棄をしないことには交渉はしないことを明らかにしています(President Bush made it clear he will not deal with Hamas until it abandons violence)。

ハマスの勝利は明らかになったので、アハマド・クレイ首相とその閣僚たちは辞職しました(When the Hamas victory became clear, Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia and his cabinet resigned)。
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Sri Lankan Government, Rebels Agree to Long-Delayed Peace Talks

・Sri Lankan スリランカの、スリランカ人
・rebel 反逆者、反乱軍兵士


スリランカ政府と少数派タミル人反政府武装勢力「タミル・イーラム解放の虎(Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam=LTTE)」が、2002年に結ばれた停戦協定を確認するための対話を行うことで合意に達しました。

Sri Lanka's government and Tamil Tiger rebels have agreed to hold new talks in Switzerland aimed at shoring up their deteriorating peace agreement. Norwegian peace broker Eric Solheim announced the agreement after a meeting with the rebels' leader.


・Sri Lanka スリランカ
・be aimed at ... …を目指す
・shore up ... …を支援する、強化する
・deteriorate 悪化する
・Norwegian ノルウェーの
・broker 仲介者

Officials say these talks, slated for next month, have a limited but important goal - ending the spate of cease-fire violations that has left more than 150 Sri Lankans dead in recent weeks.


・official 関係者、当局者
・slate ... …を予定する
・spate 大量、多数
・cease-fire 停戦
・violation 違反

ノルウェーのエリック・ソルヘイム特使は、25日にLTTEの指導者、ベルピライ・プラバカラン議長と支配地キリノッチで会談した後、スイス、ジュネーブで両者が対話を行うことを発表しました(Norwegian peace envoy Erik Solheim announced the decision to hold the talks in Geneva, Switzerland, after meeting with Tamil Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakharan Wednesday in the rebel-held town of Kilinochchi)。
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Conservatives Declare Election Victory in Canada

・Conservative (米国・カナダの)保守党員
・declare ... …を宣言する


23日、カナダで総選挙が行われ、野党第一党であった保守党がポール・マーティン首相(Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin)率いる与党・自由党を破り、スティーブン・ハーパー保守党党首は勝利宣言を行いました。

Canada's Conservative opposition has won the country's general election, ending 12 years of Liberal government.


・opposition 野党
・general election 総選挙
・Liberal 自由党の

The results will make 46-year-old economist Stephen Harper the twenty-second prime minister of Canada. The Conservative Party elected 124 out of a possible 308 members of parliament and took just over 36 percent of the popular vote.


・Conservative Party 保守党
・popular vote 一般投票、国民投票

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Kuwait's Parliament to Confirm Sheikh Sabah Emir on Sunday

・Kuwait クウェート
・parliament 国会、議会
・confirm ... …を承認する
・emir (アラビアの)君主、首長



Officials in Kuwait say parliament is to meet Sunday to confirm the naming of Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah as the new emir.


・official 関係者、当局者
・Prime Minister 首相

Kuwait's cabinet named Sheikh Sabah the new emir Tuesday, hours after parliament voted unanimously to remove ailing emir, Sheikh Saad al-Abdullah al-Sabah, from office.


・cabinet 内閣
・unanimously 全会一致で
・ailing 病気の、病弱の

近年のクウェートにおいて、サバハ新首長は事実上の指導者でした。サアド氏は、15日に長年首長を務めてきたいとこでもあるジャビル氏が死去して首長になってからわずか1週間で退位することになりました(Sheikh Sabah has been Kuwait's de facto ruler in recent years. He replaces Sheikh Saad, who held the post for just over a week following the January 15 death of his cousin, Kuwait's long-time emir, Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmad al-Sabah)。
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Japanese Internet CEO is Arrested

・CEO(=chief executive officer) 最高経営責任者



The founder of one of Japan's most popular internet companies, along with three of his top executives, have been arrested - the climax to a week of raids and leaks from prosecutors that have captivated the country and sent Japan's stock markets tumbling.


・founder 創立者、設立者
・executive 経営幹部
・climax 最高潮
・raid 手入れ
・leak 漏えい
・prosecutor 検察官→ここでは「地検」のこと
・captivate ... …を夢中にする、…の心を奪う
・send ... doing …を〜の状態にする
・stock market 株式市場
・tumble 暴落する

Prosecutors late Monday arrested four top executives of one of Japan's high-profile Internet companies for alleged fraud, including its famous founder and chairman, Takafumi Horie.


・high-profile 人目を引く
・alleged 申し立てられた、(真偽のほどは定かでないが)とされる
・fraud 詐欺
・chairman 会長、社長

Authorities say Horie and other executives of the company, called Livedoor, were taken into custody on suspicion of manipulating stock prices and conspiring to misrepresent the company's finances.


・authority (通例 the authorities)当局
・take ... into custody …を拘留する
・on suspicion of ... …の容疑で
・manipulate ... …を巧みに操作する
・stock price 株価
・conspire to ... …をたくらむ
・misrepresent ... …を(故意に)誤り伝える

堀江社長の他に逮捕されたのは、ライブドア最高財務責任者の宮内亮治取締役、「ライブドアマーケティング」社長でもある岡本文人取締役、そしてライブドア子会社「ライブドアファイナンス」の中村長也社長(Also arrested: Ryoji Miyauchi, who is Livedoor's chief financial officer; a company director, Fumito Okamoto, and the president of a Livedoor subsidiary, Osanari Nakamura)。

小泉首相は、23日の堀江社長逮捕の報道を受けて、法律違反ということになれば、今回の措置は当然のことだ、という見方を示しました(Mr. Koizumi, reacting to news of Horie's arrest Monday, said that if any laws were broken, it is only natural for the authorities to respond)。
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Morales Inaugurated as Bolivia's First Indigenous President

・inaugurate ... …を就任させる
・indigenous (その土地に)固有の、先住民の



Leftist coca farmer Evo Morales has been inaugurated as Bolivia's first indigenous president.


・leftist 左派の、左翼の
・coca (植)コカ(コカインが採れる)
・farmer 農業経営者、農業主
・Bolivia ボリビア

During his inaugural speech Sunday, Mr. Morales said Bolivia's 500 year-long campaign of indigenous resistance has not been in vain. Indigenous Bolivians who listened to the speech said they were hopeful he would bring change for the better.


・inaugural 就任の
・campaign 運動
・in vain 無駄で
・Bolivian ボリビア人

22日の就任式には各国首脳が首都ラパスに駆けつけました。チリのリカルド・ラゴス大統領、ベネズエラのウゴ・チャベス大統領、そしてラテンアメリカ担当国務次官補、トーマス・シャノン氏らが出席しました。(A number of heads of state were in the capital, La Paz, to witness Mr. Morales take the oath of office Sunday, including Chilean President Ricardo Lagos, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez and U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Shannon, the Bush administration's top official for Latin America.
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Tokyo Hit With First Snowfall of Season

・hit ... …を襲う、…に打撃を与える
・snowfall 降雪



The heaviest snowfall in five years has blanketed Japan's capital of Tokyo, causing injuries and disrupting transportation.


・blanket ... …を一面に覆う
・disrupt ... …(交通機関など)を途絶させる
・transportation 交通機関

The weather forced flight cancellations and bullet train delays.

・bullet train 新幹線

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Japan to Reimpose Ban on US Beef

・ban on ... …の禁止



Japan has announced it is reimposing a ban on all U.S. beef products. Government officials say they were forced to make that decision after spinal material considered risky for bovine spongiform encephalopathy - also known as mad cow disease - was discovered in an incoming shipment from the United States.


・spinal 背骨の、脊髄(せきずい)の
・bovine spongiform encephalopathy(=BSE) 牛海綿状脳症(=mad cow disease 狂牛病)

Japan made a quick decision Friday, just hours after announcing the discovery of suspect material in imported American meat, to reinstate a ban on U.S. beef.

・suspect 疑わしい
・reinstate ... …を元通りにする

小泉純一郎首相は、米国産牛肉の完全な禁輸を再び行うといった中川昭一農水相の考えを指示しました(Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi says he has endorsed a proposal from the agriculture minister, Shoichi Nakagawa, to totally halt American beef imports)。

2年間に及ぶ米国産牛肉の輸入禁止は、条件付きで去年の12月に解除されたばかりでした(A two-year ban on U.S. beef was conditionally lifted last month)。

日米の合意では、日本向けの牛肉は生後20カ月以下の若い牛で、牛海綿状脳症(BSE)の原因物質とされている脊髄などの特定危険部位を取り除いたものを輸入することを条件としていました(The agreement between Tokyo and Washington stipulated no meat would be sent to Japan from cattle over the age of 20 months, and spinal cords and other specified risk material that could transmit mad cow disease would be removed)。
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Officials Plan No Increase in US Security Level Following Threats from bin Laden

・official 関係者、当局者
・threat 脅し、脅迫



A new audiotape of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden has surfaced. U.S. government analysts say the voice on the tape appears to be that of bin Laden. The al-Qaida leader is holding out both an olive branch and gun to the United States.


・surface 姿を現す
・analyst 分析家
・hold out ... …を提供する
・olive branch (平和の象徴としての)オリーブの枝→和解
・hold out an (or the) olive branch to ... …に和解を申し出る

In the tape, excerpts of which were aired by al-Jazeera television, Osama bin Laden warns of new attacks on U.S. soil. But he also holds out the offer of a truce.


・excerpt 抜粋、引用
・air ... …を放送する
・al-Jazeera アルジャジーラ。カタール(Qatar)の衛星テレビ局
・soil 国土
・truce 休戦、停戦

ブッシュ政権はこの申し出をただちに却下し、米国土安全保障省はテープの内容に反応して、テロ警戒レベルを黄色からオレンジ色に引き上げる予定はないとの声明を発表しました(The offer was immediately rejected by Bush Administration and U.S. officials say they have no plans to raise the nation's threat level in response to the audiotape)。

米国土安全保障省では、「国土安全保障省勧告システム(Homeland Security Advisory System=HSAS)」で、テロ警戒レベルを5段階(5色)で表し、発表しています。


(Green 緑) LOW: low risk of terrorist attacks 低い脅威
(Blue 青) GUARDED: general risk of terrorist attacks 一般的な脅威
(Yellow 黄) ELEVATED: significant risk of terrorist attacks 高い脅威
(Orange オレンジ)HIGH: high risk of terrorist attacks 重大な脅威
(Red 赤)SEVERE: severe risk of terrorist attacks 深刻な脅威

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Tokyo Stock Exchange Forced to Close Early After Massive Sell-Off

・Tokyo Stock Exchange 東京証券取引所、東証(=TSE)
・massive 大量の
・sell-off (株の大量)売却(による株価急落)



For the first time, the Tokyo Stock Exchange suspended all trading early to prevent a system crash after a surge in transactions. Heavy trading followed news that an Internet company popular with investors is under investigation for fraud. The benchmark Nikkei index closed down about 465 points - nearly 3 percent for the day.



・for the first time 初めて
・suspend ... …を一時停止する
・trading 取引
・system crash システム障害
・surge 殺到
・transaction 取引、売買
・investor 投資家
・under investigation 調査中で
・fraud 詐欺
・benchmark 基準、水準
・benchmark Nikkei index 日経平均株価(225種)(=benchmark Nikkei index of 225 selected issues or Nikkei Average of 225 selected issues)

The Tokyo bourse ended all trading 20 minutes before the scheduled end of Wednesday's session.


・bourse 証券取引所

At a news conference in the afternoon, the exchange said it had been swamped by sell orders for a second day and warned its computers could only handle 4.5 million orders each day.


・news conference 記者会見
・exchange 証券取引所
・be swamped by ... …が洪水のように押し寄せる、殺到する
・sell order 売り注文
・handle ... …を扱う

東証の西室泰三社長兼会長は、インターネット関連会社「ライブドア」とその系列会社が家宅捜査を受けたのがきっかけとなり、この事態を招いたと説明しました(Tokyo Stock Exchange President Taizo Nishimuro says the situation was caused by the start of the unexpected criminal probe into the Internet company, Livedoor, and its subsidiaries)。

18日の報道によれば、ライブドアが疑いをもたれているのは、株価をつり上げるために利益を水増ししたり、虚偽のうわさを流したりしたのではないかという問題(Media reports Wednesday say the allegations the company is facing include falsifying earnings results and spreading false rumors to manipulate stock prices)。

トヨタ自動車会長であり、日本経済団体連合会(=経団連)の会長でもある奥田碩氏は、堀江氏本人、もしくはライブドアが虚偽の事実を公表したことが事実であると判明したときは会員から脱退させる考えを示しました(Toyota Chairman Hiroshi Okuda, who also heads Japan's most influential economic group, the Japan Business Federation, says if Horie or his company are found guilty of any crimes, they would be ousted from the association.

奥田氏はまた、経団連がライブドアに経団連への加盟を早々に承諾したことについて判断を誤ったと述べました(Okuda says the organization made a mistake by admitting Livedoor prematurely)。
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Chileans Vote for New President

・Chilean チリ人
・vote 投票する



Chileans are voting in a runoff presidential election between a former political prisoner and a billionaire businessman that could result in Chile's first female president.


・runoff (同点)決勝戦→「決選投票」のこと
・presidential election 大統領選挙
・former 前の、先の
・prisoner 収容者、囚人、捕虜
・political prisoner 政治犯
・billionaire 億万長者
・businessman 実業家
・result in ... (結果として)…ということになる
・Chile チリ ※つづり注意
・female 女性の

About 8.2 million people are eligible to vote in the contest between Socialist Michelle Bachelet and Sebastian Pinera, the candidate of a rightist alliance.


・eligible to ... …する資格のある
・contest 争い
・Socialist 社会党員
・candidate 候補者
・rightist 右派の、保守主義の
・alliance 同盟

Recent polls indicate that Bachelet leads Pinera by at least five percentage points in the contest to succeed outgoing President Ricardo Lagos.


・poll 世論調査(=public opinion poll)
・outgoing 辞職する

12月に行われた大統領選挙ではバチェレ氏は46%の投票を獲得しましたが、過半数に届かず、決選投票に持ち込まれまていました(Bachelet won Chile's first round of elections in December with 46 percent of the vote, falling short of the 50 percent needed to avoid a runoff)。

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Africa's First Elected Female Leader Takes Power in Liberia

・female 女性の
・Liberia リベリア ※発音注意




Africa's first elected female head of state, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, is being sworn in Monday in post-war Liberia.


・swear ... …に誓わせる
・post-war 戦後の

The head of the U.N. mission in Liberia, Alan Doss, calls it a momentous occasion for Liberia, founded for freed American slaves in the 19th century, but recently ravaged by 25 years of conflict, corruption, rebel and military rule.


・mission 使節団
・momentous 重要な、重大な
・occasion (特別の)時、機会、重要な行事
・found ... …を設立する
・free ... …を解放する
・slave 奴隷
・ravage ... …を破壊させる、…荒廃させる
・conflict 争い、紛争
・corruption 堕落、腐敗、汚職
・rebel 反逆者、反乱軍兵士、反乱の
・military 軍の
・rule 支配


孫がいるおばあちゃんでもあり、ハーバード大卒で、国連開発計画の局長やシティバンクのエコノミストの経験もあるエレン・ジョンソン・サーリーフ氏は、去年11月の激しい争いとなった大統領選挙の決選投票で元サッカースターのジョージ・ウェア氏を破って当選を果たしました(Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a grandmother, Harvard graduate and former government minister, U.N. official and Citibank economist, defeated popular soccer star George Weah in a disputed second round presidential vote in November)。
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Kuwait Emir Sheikh Jaber Dies, Cabinet Appoints New Ruler

・Kuwait クウェート
・emir (アラビアの)君主、首長
・Cabinet (or cabinet) 内閣
・appoint ... …を任命する
・ruler 支配者、統治者



Kuwait's Cabinet has named Crown Prince Sheikh Saad al-Abdullah al-Sabah as its ruler following the death Sunday of the country's long-time emir, Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmed al-Sabah.


・name ... as 〜 …を〜に指名する、任命する
・Crown Prince 皇太子

A Cabinet statement says Sheikh Saad's succession as emir is in accordance to rules established in the constitution.


・succession 継承
・accordance 一致、調和
・establish ... …を制定する
・constitution 憲法

Sheikh Jaber's death was announced early today on Kuwaiti state television. The government announced a 40-day period of mourning and said government offices would be closed for three days beginning today.


・announce ... …を発表する
・Kuwaiti クウェートの
・state 国の
・period 期間
・mourning 服喪

ジャビル氏は250年近くクウェートを統治してきたサバハ家の第13代首長で、1977年12月31日に即位しました(The late emir was the 13th ruler in a dynasty that has led Kuwait for nearly 250 years. He came to power on the last day of 1977)。

ジャビル首長は1985年には暗殺未遂事件に遭遇し、1990年のイラク軍クウェート侵攻の際は国外に逃亡しました。78歳だったジャビル首長は2001年に脳出血で倒れて以来、体調を崩していました(Sheikh Jaber survived an assassination attempt in 1985, and escaped Iraqi troops that invaded his country in 1990. The 78-year-old sheikh had been in ill health since suffering a brain hemorrhage in 2001)。
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Former Pope's Would-Be Assassin Released From Turkish Prison

・former 前の、先の
・Pope ローマ法王
・would-be ... …志望の、…になるつもりの→未遂の
・assassin 暗殺者
・Turkish トルコの
・prison 刑務所


1981年にバチカンのサンピエトロ広場で故ローマ法王ヨハネ・パウロ2世を狙撃し、暗殺未遂事件を起こしたトルコ人、メフメト・アリ・アジャ(Mehmet Ali Agca)服役囚が12日、トルコの刑務所を出所しました。

The Turkish gunman who tried to kill Pope John Paul II nearly 25 years ago has been released from prison. The move has sparked outrage across Turkey where the assailant was serving time for the murder of a prominent left-wing journalist.


・spark ... …への引き金となる、…を燃え立たせる、…を誘発する
・outrage 激怒
・Turkey トルコ ※発音注意
・assailant 襲撃者
・prominent 著名な
・left-wing 左派の、急進主義の

The 48-year-old would be killer of Pope John Paul II was freed five years after he was pardoned by Italy and extradited to Turkey. He served more than 20 years in an Italian prison where the pope visited him in 1983 and forgave him.


・free ... …を解放する
・pardon ... …(罪・人など)を赦免する
・extradite ... …を引き渡す
・forgive ... …を赦す、…を容赦する

Agca staged the attempted killing after escaping from a Turkish prison where he was serving time for the murder of Abdi Ipekci, the managing editor of the Milliyet newspaper.


・stage ... …を企てる、…を計画する
・attempted 未遂の
・managing editor 編集局長、編集長

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More Than 300 Killed in Hajj Stampede

・Hajj (or hajj) ハッジ。サウジアラビア・メッカへの巡礼
・stampede どっと押し寄せること



Authorities in Saudi Arabia say at least 345 Muslim pilgrims have been trampled to death in a stampede during the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca. More than 250 more people were injured in the crush, which officials blame in part on dropped luggage.


・authority (通例 the authorities)当局
・Saudi Arabia サウジアラビア
・Muslim イスラム教の、イスラム教徒
・pilgrim 巡礼者
・trample ... …を踏みつける
・annual 年次の、年1度の、例年の
・pilgrimage 巡礼
・Mecca メッカ。イスラム教の創始者 Muhammad の誕生の地でイスラム教徒の聖地
・crush 雑踏、殺到
・official 関係者、当局者
・blame ... on 〜 …を〜のせいにする
・luggage 手荷物

悪魔を象徴する石柱へ石を投げる最後の儀式で事件は発生しました(The stampede happened during the final phase of the Hajj, the symbolic stoning of the devil)。

「ハッジ」はイスラム教徒が行うべき五行の一つ。経済的にも身体的にも巡礼が可能な信者は生涯に一度はメッカ巡礼を行うことを求められています(The Hajj pilgrimage is one of the five pillars of Islam. All Muslims who are financially and physically able to make the journey are required to make the pilgrimage at least once in their lifetime)。


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Disgraced South Korean Stem Cell Researcher Apologizes to Nation

・disgrace ... …の名誉を汚す
・South Korean 韓国の
・stem cell 幹細胞
・apologize to ... …に謝罪する
・nation 国民




A day after South Korea's top university accused him of "a criminal act against science," stem cell researcher Hwang Woo-suk has made a limited public apology.


・accuse ... for 〜 …を〜で非難する、訴える
・criminal 犯罪の
・limited 限られた
・apology 謝罪

Although he accepts full responsibility for what he calls "erroneous" research reports, he says he was deceived by junior researchers, and believes there is a conspiracy against him.


・erroneous 誤りのある
・deceive ... …をだます
・conspiracy 陰謀、共謀
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China, Japan Make Little Progress on East China Sea Dispute

・East China Sea 東シナ海



China and Japan have made little progress following a half-day of talks on resolving a territorial dispute in the East China Sea. Officials of the two countries met in Beijing on Monday.


・resolve ... …を決議する、解決する
・territorial dispute 領土問題
・official (政府)高官、関係者、当局者
・Beijing 北京。中国の首都

Japanese officials said the meeting between Japan's envoy Kenichiro Sasae and his Chinese counterpart Cui Tiankai ended at noon Monday with a reaffirmation from both sides that China and Japan should improve their battered relations.


・envoy 使節、使者、外交官
・counterpart 相当するもの、人
・reaffirmation 再び主張(断言)すること
・improve ... …を改善する
・batter ... …をめった打ちにする

Japan also said the two countries expect to resume talks in the coming weeks.


・resume ... …を再開する

The two sides are locked in a dispute over parts of the East China Sea, where both want to exploit what they believe may be extensive oil and gas deposits.


・lock ... …を動かなくする
・exploit ... …を利用する、搾取する
・deposit (特に石油・鉱石の)鉱床、埋蔵物

China and Japan have agreed in principle to work together to develop the resources, but remain far apart on details of how much each side will invest and how to share profits.


・in principle 原則として
・resource 資源
・apart ばらばらで、隔たって
・detail 詳細
・invest 投資する、出資する
・share ... …を分配する、共有する
・profit 利益

日本政府は、東シナ海において、国連海洋法条約に基づいた排他的経済水域(EEZ=exclusive economic zone)が定めている日中中間線ぎりぎりの水域にガス田開発を始めた中国に対して、開発中止と情報提供を求めていました。




日本の共同開発案は、中国の春暁(Chunxiao field、日本名「白樺」)、天外天(Tianwaitian field、日本名「樫」)など地下構造がつながっているとされているガス田に対して資金提供、資源分配を行うというものです。
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