ハリー・ポッター完結編 世界で同時発売

Fans Swarm Bookstores for Latest and Last Harry Potter' Book

・swarm ... …に群がる、あふれる


英国の世界的ベストセラー、「ハリー・ポッター」シリーズの完結編の第7作『ハリー・ポッター・アンド・ザ・デスリー・ハロウズ(Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows、ハリー・ポッターと死の秘宝=仮題)』が英時間21日午前0時1分に同時発売されました。

Legions of Harry Potter fans around the world swarmed bookstores in the early hours of the morning Saturday, seizing the first opportunity to grab the seventh and last book of the series - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

21日、「ハリー・ポッター」シリーズの最終巻にあたる第7巻『ハリー・ポッター・アンド・ザ・デスリー・ハロウズ(Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)』を手に入れようと、世界中のファンたちは何時間も前から本屋へ並んだ。

Despite leaked copies of the book appearing on the Internet in the lead-up to its release, Harry Potter fans showed they are still eager to know the fate of the boy wizard who is at the center of the series.


・leak ... …を漏らす
・fate 運命、死

One over-excited fan in Australia - eager to know what happens in the end of the book - had to be rescued from a lake after he dived in to retrieve a coupon that reserved him a copy of the book.


・retrieve ... …を取り戻す

The Deathly Hallows is expected to be another triumph for British author J.K. Rowling and her publisher. Twelve million copies are being printed for the United States alone.


・trimph 偉業、喜び

The first six books in the Harry Potter series have sold 325 million copies worldwide, and have been translated into 64 languages.


Movies have been made of the first five books in the series, with a sixth film due out next year.


・due する予定で

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India Elects First Woman President



Indian election officials say Pratibha Patil has become the country's first female president.


The election commission announced that Ms. Patil, of the ruling Congress Party, defeated opposition-backed Vice President Bhairon Singh Shekhawat of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Thursday's vote by national and state lawmakers.


・commission (特定の役割をもつ)委員会
・ruling 支配している ※ruling party 与党
・defeat ... …を打ち破る
・Vice President 副大統領
・state 州
・lawmaker 議員

パティル氏はインド北西部のラジャスタン州知事を務めていました(Ms. Patil has been the governor of the northwestern state of Rajasthan)。
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Russia to Stop Counter-Terrorism Cooperation with Britain

・Russia ロシア ※「ロシアの」は「Russian」
・cooperation 協力、協調



Russia has escalated its diplomatic dispute with Britain, expelling four British diplomats and also suspending bilateral cooperation in the struggle against terrorism.


・diplomatic 外交の
・dispute 議論、論争
・expel ... …を追い出す
・diplomat 外交官
・suspend ... …停止する
・bilateral 双方の、二国間の

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mikhail Kamynin says four British diplomats must leave Russia within 10 days.


・Foreign Ministry 外務省

Moscow will also stop issuing visas to British government officials.


・issue ... …を発行する

ロシア当局は、(ロシア外交官4人の国外追放を発表した)7月16日の声明について、非常に残念なこととし、ロシアが対テロ戦で協力することはできないと発表しました(The Russian official says that to his country's regret, measures announced by London on July 16 make it impossible for Russia to cooperate with Britain in the struggle against terrorism)。

英国のデービッド・ミリバンド外相は、国外退去処分を「まったく正当化できない」と表明しました(British Foreign Secretary David Miliband called the expulsion of the four British diplomats "completely unjustified")。

英国・ロシア両国の関係は、去年ロンドンで発生した元旧ソ連国家保安委員会(KGB)のアレクサンドル・リトビネンコ氏の毒殺に関わったとされる同じく元KGBのアンドレイ・ルゴボイ容疑者の身柄引き渡しを、ロシア政府が拒否したことにより悪化しています。リトビネンコ氏はプーチン体制を批判していました(British-Russian ties have deteriorated since the Kremlin refused to extradite Alexander Lugovoi, a former KGB intelligence officer accused of murdering Kremlin-critic Alexander Litvinenko last year in London. Litvinenko was also an ex-KGB officer)。

※「Alexander Lugovoi」は「Andrei Lugovoi」の間違いと思われる
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Brazilian Athletes Mourn Plane Crash Victims

・Brazilian ブラジルの ※「ブラジル」は「Brazil」
・mourn ... …を嘆き悲しむ
・crash 衝突
・victim 犠牲者、被害者



Brazilian athletes at the Pan American Games are marking a three-day mourning period following the country's worst airline disaster.


・disaster 災害、惨事

As VOA's David Byrd reports from Rio de Janeiro, athletes will wear black armbands to remember the nearly 200 people who died Tuesday in the Sao Paulo crash.


Brazilian television read the names of those killed in Tuesday's fiery crash at Sao Paulo Congonhas Airport.


・fiery 火の ※つづり注意

The Airbus A-320 was owned by Brazil's domestic Tam Airlines. It crashed as it was attempting to land on a rain-slickened runway.


・slick すべすべした

サンパウロからの報道によると、パイロットは再度離陸を試みようとしたものの、必要な高度を得られず、渋滞しているハイウェイそばにある建物に激突しました(News reports from Sao Paulo say the pilot had apparently tried to take off again, but did not get altitude and slammed into a building across a busy highway from the airport)。
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Envoys Proclaim Success, But Defer Deadlines, in Latest N. Korean Talks

・envoy 使節、使者、外交官
・proclaim ... …を宣言する、支持する
・defer ... …を延期する
・deadline 最終期限



Negotiators wrapping up this week's session of talks aimed at ending North Korea's nuclear weapons programs are defending their decision not to set deadlines for future action at this time.


・nagotiator 交渉者、協議者
・wrap up ... (or wrap ... up) …を仕上げる、要約する
・session 会期

As he prepared to board a plane for Washington at Beijing's airport, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill gave a glowing review of this week's six-nation talks.

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中越沖地震 柏崎刈羽原発から放射性物質漏えい

Japanese Inspectors Find New Leak at Nuclear Plant

・inspector 調査官、検査官
・nuclear plant 原子力発電所



Japanese nuclear inspectors say they have discovered a small, new radiation leak at a nuclear power plant damaged by a strong earthquake earlier this week.


・radiation 放射物
・leak 漏えい
・earthquake 地震

Officials said Thursday inspectors have discovered that radioactive materials leaked from an exhaust pipe at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant after it was hit by an earthquake Monday.


・official (政府)高官、関係者、当局者
・radioactive 放射性を持った、放射性による
・material 物資
・exhaust 廃棄
・hit ... …を襲う、…に打撃を与える

Officials from the Tokyo Electric Power Company, which runs the plant, had earlier admitted that radioactive water leaked into the Sea of Japan and that barrels containing radioactive material had fallen open during the quake.


・run ... …を運営する

当局は、放射線量は環境や人体には無害な程度と発表しています。しかしながら、この事故により、日本の原発の安全性が問われています(Officials insist none of the contamination is harmful to the environment or public health, but the incidents have raised concern about the safety of Japan's nuclear power plants)。

新潟県のマグニチュード(M)6.8の地震によって、少なくとも10人が死亡、1000人以上が負傷しています(The 6.8 magnitude earthquake killed at least 10 people and injured more than a thousand in Kashiwazaki prefecture)。
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Soccer Star David Beckham Receives Rousing Welcome in Los Angeles



English soccer star David Beckham has arrived in Los Angeles to join the city's Major League Soccer team, the Galaxy.


Mike O'Sullivan reports, Beckham was welcomed Friday to his new home arena in the Los Angeles suburb of Carson.


Thousands of cheering fans and hundreds of journalists gave Beckham a rock star welcome, as he was handed his new LA Galaxy jersey.


The former captain of the English national team called his move to Los Angeles one of the biggest challenges of his career, a move to a different country on the other side of the world, but he says it a challenge that he welcomes.


ベッカムはLAギャラクシーと5年契約を結びました。ベッカムは1年に500万ドル(約6億1000万円)を受け取ることになります。また数万ドルのコマーシャル契約も結んでいます(Beckham's five-year contract with the Galaxy will pay him more than five million dollars a year, plus tens of millions more in commercial endorsements)。
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Undated Video of Osama Bin Laden Posted on Internet



U.S. officials are analyzing a videotape of fugitive al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden that was posted on the Internet Sunday.


・fugitive 逃亡者
・al-Qaida(=al-Qaeda) アルカイダ。オサマ・ビンラディン(Osama bin Laden)率いるイスラム過激派の巨大テロ組織

It was not immediately clear when or where the tape was made.


In the tape, bin Laden praises what he calls martyrdom and says the Prophet Muhammad wanted to be a martyr.


・martyrdom 殉教
・martyr 殉教者

The al-Qaida leader was shown for less than one minute of the 40-minute video that paid tribute to militants killed in Afghanistan.


・pay tribute to ... …を追悼する
・militant 過激派

13日、米上院は、ビンラディン容疑者の情報への報奨金を2倍の5000万ドル(約61億円)に引き上げました(On Friday, the U.S. Senate voted to double the reward for information about bin Laden's to 50 million dollars)。
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Powerful Quake Strikes Northwestern Japan; 6 Dead, 700 Injured

・quake 地震
・strike ... …を襲う



Japanese officials say at least six people have died after a strong earthquake hit northwestern Japan.


・official (政府)高官、関係者、当局者
・hit ... …を襲う、…に打撃を与える

About 700 people are suffering from cuts, broken bones and other injuries from the 6.8 magnitude quake that struck Monday just off the coast, in the Sea of Japan, southwest of Niigata City.


・Sea of Japan 日本海

安倍首相は参議院選挙の遊説を中断、被災地へ向かいました(Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has interrupted a campaign stop to visit the disaster zones)。

新潟県知事が自衛隊に災害派遣を要請しました(Niigata prefecture's governor has requested help from Japan's Self Defense Forces)。

報道によると、2万戸が停電となりました(Reports say 20,000 homes are without electricity)。
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Militants Attack, Threaten Government in Pakistan

・militant 過激派



A wave of deadly attacks in Pakistan is raising fears of a widespread militant backlash days after government forces raided a radical mosque in the capital.


・deadly 過度の、致死的な、命取りの
・backlash 反発、反動
・raid ... …を急襲する
・radical 極端な、過激な
・mosque モスク、イスラム教寺院

Suicide bombings in Pakistan's tribal areas have killed at least 50 people in the past 48 hours and tribal militants reportedly have pulled out of a peace agreement with the government.


・suicide bombing
・tribal 部族の
・reportedly 伝えられるところによれば
・pull out of ... …から手を引く

The latest violence occurred in Pakistan's Northwest Frontier Province.


当局によると、この攻撃は、先週の軍が行ったイスラマバードでのモスク強行突入への報復攻撃とみられています(Officials say the violence is an apparent response to last week's military raid on a radical Mosque in central Islamabad)。

このモスク「ラル・マスジット」への突入による戦闘で少なくとも85人が死亡しています(At least 85 people were killed during the assault of Lal Masjid or the Red Mosque)。

パキスタン国内のイスラム原理主義勢力が報復を誓い、当局はこれに呼応した過激派の犯行とみています(Militants throughout the country are vowing revenge and officials say they are bracing for a violent backlash)。
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